The new policy of the Sichuan college entrance examination candidates this first single released a


The new policy of the Sichuan college entrance examination for the first single released this a few candidates pay attention to newspaper news (reporter Zhao Zijun) yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial examination yuan, "Sichuan Province in 2017 the ordinary higher school of drama and dance classes, professional enrollment introduction" "Sichuan Province in 2017 the ordinary higher school music majors enrollment introduction" "Sichuan Province in 2017 College of art and design professional enrollment introduction" and "Sichuan Province in 2017 the ordinary higher school sports professional entrance profile" has been released, this is my first single province in 2017 college entrance examination policy, in accordance with the relevant categories of candidates must pay attention to! It is understood that all types of candidates apply for cultural examination registration and professional examination registration for two times, online registration, online payment. Sports, art and design, music, drama and film, dance candidates cultural examination registration, including online registration, on-site confirmation and online payment of 3 stages. Candidates eligible for the examination should be on October 9, 2016 from 8 to 13, 12, 00, 00, self registration of the city, the state to recruit the designated web site, according to the registration site prompts and requirements truthfully fill in my registration information. During the online registration, candidates can modify and correct personal information. Candidates online registration after successful, should be in October 17, 2016 8: 00 to 19 days 17: 00 to the county (city, district) admission office for on-site confirmation. The examinee who completes the spot confirmation should register on the website of 17: 00 from 8 to 23 in October 21, 2016 to register the examination fee of the art and sports culture examination online, and pay the online fee in 00. Recommended reading: Sichuan Pingchang college entrance exam by the Chengdu polytechnic college entrance examination candidates admitted abandon repeat Deyang man driving test successive defeat angrily want to jump to Sichuan new college entrance examination reform program introduced in 2018 a new high Meishan college entrance examination enrollment is not quality refused to scold innocent implicated Neijiang candidates Thailand tour the accidental death of family members questioned the illegal transfer of Travel Agency [note] mass sports – sports professional examinations in our province in 2017 to implement electronic timing and electronic distance, physical fitness test three class standing long jump jump and shot put throw the number of uniform provisions for the two time, high jump and long jump, three jump in special Technology (male), shot, discus, the javelin 6 jump (CAST) three times, were once the best Achievement as a test result. Music class – professional examination, regardless of the first retest, completed at one time. In addition to the piano, electronic piano, harp, electronic organ, timpani, other musical instruments are owned by the candidates. Among them, the professional practice without instrumental accompaniment playing; except music (Pop Vocal professional), other professional "vocal" subjects with accompaniment spectrum examination candidates, can provide the Accompanist (also a cappella). Type of television drama and dance — choose a professional to complete a one-time, not bubao, changed the report. Net newspaper deadline has not yet paid for invalid registration. Candidates in the completion of professional examination online registration and payment success, at the 2016 end

四川高考新政策第一单出炉 这几类考生注意啦   本报讯 (记者 赵子君) 昨日,记者从省考试院获悉,《四川省2017年普通高等学校戏剧与影视类、舞蹈类专业招生简介》《四川省2017年普通高等学校音乐类专业招生简介》《四川省2017年普通高等学校美术与设计类专业招生简介》以及《四川省2017年普通高等学校体育类专业招生简介》均已出炉,这是我省2017年高考政策的第一单,符合相关类别的考生一定注意!   据了解,各类考生报名分文化考试报名和专业考试报名两次进行,均实行网上报名、网上缴费。   体育类,美术与设计类,音乐类,戏剧与影视类、舞蹈类考生文化考试报名包括网上报名、现场确认和网上缴费3个阶段。符合报考条件的考生,应于2016年10月9日8∶00至13日12∶00,自行登录各市州招考办指定网址,按报名网站上的提示和要求如实填写本人报名信息。在网上报名期间,考生可自行修改、校正个人信息。考生网上报名成功后,应于2016年10月17日8∶00至19日17∶00到县(市、区)招考办进行现场确认。完成现场确认的考生,应于2016年10月21日8∶00至23日17∶00登录报名网址办理艺术体育类文化考试的报名考试费网上缴费。   推荐阅读:   四川平昌高考状元被成都理工大录取 考生放弃复读   德阳男子高考驾考接连失利 一气之下欲跳楼   四川新高考改革配套方案出台 从2018年高一新生实施   眉山高考生拒绝招生被骂没素质 无辜受牵连   内江高考生泰国游意外身亡 家属质疑旅行社违规转团   [注意事项]   体育类――   我省2017年体育专业考试实行电子计时和电子测距,身体素质测试项目立定三级跳远的试跳和原地推铅球的试投次数统一规定为两次,专项技术中的跳高、跳远、三级跳远(男)、铅球、铁饼、标枪6项的试跳(投)次数为三次,均取最佳一次成绩作为考试成绩。   音乐类――   专业考试不分初试复试,一次完成。除钢琴、电子钢琴、竖琴、双排键电子琴、定音鼓外,其他乐器均由考生自备。其中,各专业器乐演奏实行无伴奏演奏;除音乐表演(流行演唱)专业外,其他各专业“声乐演唱”科目考生自备伴奏用谱,考场可提供伴奏人员(也可清唱)。   戏剧与影视类、舞蹈类――   选报专业须一次性完成,不得补报、改报。网报截止时仍未缴费的报考无效。考生在完成专业考试网上报名并缴费成功后,于2016年12月13日至12月27日登录四川省教育考试院网站根据提示打印本人的专业准考证。   注:各类考生专业考试报名细则、各类专业考试具体要求以及其他考试注意事项等详见成都日报“锦观”新闻客户端相关的主题文章: