The new Gloria Tang platform play mad Shuabing addiction, for the fans a cappella birthday song (vid-masa-c


The new Gloria Tang platform play mad Shuabing addiction, for the fans a cappella birthday song [Abstract] recently, "Shuabing mad" Gloria Tang again, she is a called "whale love goldfish" fans sang a birthday song warm heart song. Instant onlookers were forwarded several listen. Gloria Tang sang "Apologize" the wonderful entertainment Tencent has always been netizen called "crazy Shuabing" singer Gloria Tang is a new platform for all kinds of software enthusiasts, she will use love crazy Shuabing express. Recently, once again! The evening of October 9th, Gloria Tang GEM in a game called "broken music" addicted to music sharing platform, also sang a birthday song for a warm heart song called "love goldfish whale fans. Instant onlookers were forwarded several listen. This is a direct dialogue with the idol platform, the users through the "broken music" for his love GEM Gloria Tang wrote: "this month fifteen, is my birthday, hope to get the blessing of GEM, because if you’re not into the pit, you are my first cry sing song hand." Gloria Tang immediately responded, and live a cappella song Happy birthday song: "I wish you Happy birthday, I wish you a Happy birthday……" Gloria Tang finally said the name "intimate, love your goldfish whale" I couldn’t put in, I wish you Happy birthday oh ~ a netizen said envy, have to give Gloria Tang a message, "Qi Mei" users also "broken music" message: "I can sing a new black pineapple. By the way, my birthday, I wish I Happy birthday, her sister, thank you". Gloria Tang is also a quick response, and really offer a piece of black pineapple. When it comes to the birthday song, her naughty said, "as a birthday song, I just finished, you can listen to the message below…… Ha ha ha, interactive process is quite interesting. Hey hey Gloria Tang also live should be asked to sing a song under the lion mountain, hungry Gloria Tang simply adapted under the lion rock into the cheese mountain, he laughed. If you want to hear these interesting interaction, pay 10 money (1 yuan) Click to listen to the answers you can hear Gloria Tang sound playback! Gloria Tang and fans interact with the music platform called broken music, Fiil entertainment production, the team is still very luxurious. The Chinese song sound champion mentor Wang Feng served as chairman of the board, the original beauty co-founder Chen Chaoren as CEO, angel investment is the capital of its founder Zhang Ye castle, known as the most musical China investment circles "investors". October 8th "broken music" App officially launched the beta, on the line that day, the user response is very popular. The platform was named "broken music", according to the official statement is fragmented music". Gloria Tang settled in the broken music, said, the traditional music products are songs player, while the music is playing a fun new play. It is a minute sample, can also reflect the music life of audio and video. Fragmentation, but return to the essence of music entertainment. To break the music bar." Broken music at the beginning of the preparation that attracted a large number of strength singer settled. In addition to Gloria Tang, Wang Feng, Li Ronghao, the Joker, Mao Sichuan singer has settled:相关的主题文章: