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The new "ghost bride" painted set file double eleven love thriller – Sohu by Mosali entertainment director, "Indoorsman goddess", "Yin Guo strength Xiaosheng" Ding Huiyu starring, Xu Qianjing, Liu Xiao Qi, Ye Hao and Chen Jiamin among the co starred in the drama of bone magical costume thriller film was "the painted new bride of Liaozhai" recently released fixed gear posters, announced the November 11th National release. The reproduction of Liaozhai world screen, painted a film to compose the Banshee and show the audience a "Oriental magic wind thriller" legendary masterpiece. Salute with ancient Oriental magic horror film "the wind up of the painted bride" Liaozhai new inspiration from the ancient legend of "China" between about Strange Tales from Liaozhai, scholar Wang Ziyu and his wife Chen Ying and a banshee skeleton story of love and hate. The film "the painted bride" for the new drama to give the audience a strong sensory stimulation, by means of images, in the plot into a large number of ancient Chinese supernatural elements, the quirky atmosphere of the scene with a variety of divine law effect and many kinds of grotesque demons combination "true" in Strange Tales from Liaozhai HYAKKI yako thousands of demon ghosts, his world. It is reported that the film is "the original" reproduction of Strange Tales from Liaozhai present the ancient and the world, in the shooting will action elements and effects of mutual integration, professional and special action team producing team behind the film become a wonderful spectacle of blessing. Exotic love and a history of exploration of ghosts "Liaozhai" will be the new bride mask touching love story into the horror of the picture, for the interpretation of a deep, there are stories of horror movie, the creative team has long record, change the script, whether the words in the story or speech, which is clear. On the basis of being faithful to the original film, pay more attention to the expression of humanity and emotion, killing human skeleton demon, a banshee justice knight, infatuation to save her husband’s wife, hiding in human skin scholar of the skeleton demons, encounter beauty night scholar, fighting the devil exorcism priest and many other people will work together to create a across all the love between man and chivalrous battle. The new "ghost bride" painted fusion fantasy, horror, romance, suspense, costume and other elements as a whole, is a fantasy thriller film with our audience. The new horror film "ghost bride" painted in November 11th will be released nationwide.相关的主题文章: