The New District staged the whole martial arts businesses to seize the market selling sand strike vi-tsumori chisato


The New District staged the whole martial arts businesses selling sand to seize the market new district in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an strike violently selling sand merchants to seize the market strike violently. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter She Yanfeng) recently, a district in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an has just completed, the owners are in the decoration, and to seize the market, between inside and outside the district to sell the sand merchants have staged a full martial arts. The reporter learned that, in Xi’an City Star Road in Shaanxi mills families of newly built three buildings for a total of more than 800 households, is currently stepping up its renovation, yard tiles, building materials, wire and so on point of sale of everything, and this sand naturally became a hotly contested spot business. Reporter: "how does the sand sell?" Business: "4 bags." Reporter: "only 3 pieces are sold outside, can it be cheap? "Business:" not cheap. " Merchant: "we sell sand in the community." Owner: "I bought the sand inside, I heard that the sand outside can not come." The district where there are people selling sand, small also sell sand, small selling sand has the authority to sell, outside the district wants to sell in, have to be relatively constrained residential side, only the owners to pick himself, to enter, and this is the problem of selling sand, yesterday in the area to go out. Today, when reporters rushed to the hospital to see the families of Shaanxi steel outside the south gate, a commercial vehicle damage situation is very serious, the car all glass has been damaged, there is also a trail of blood, under the seat and a broken stick, and one for sand cement advertising on the front windshield, but now I do not know who took. The insider told reporters that the car was a temporary business negotiation point for the district takeaway sand, and around yesterday afternoon around five o’clock, the car was besieged. Eyewitness: "yesterday afternoon five points, to twenty or thirty people, with a pick up." The wounded: "suddenly a group of people, nothing to say to hit." Eyewitness: "the action is very fast, just a few minutes before and after." Reporter: "how many people did it hurt?" The wounded: "four people." Reporter: "who is you?" The wounded: "some are in the district selling sand, some are Zhang people." Reporter: "do you know?" The wounded: "must know." The reporter learned that, in addition to four injured in a minor injury, the remaining three different degree of fracture, are hospitalized in the Red Cross Hospital, while the injured tianshifu say, is responsible for residential property entrusted decoration site, maintenance is solely responsible for maintenance during residential decoration of the order. The batterer is about him? Reporter: "who is the man who smashed at the door?" Manager Zhang: "I do not know, I sat on the inside, then came in two people, with a machete with a pick up, straight to cut me." Yesterday afternoon, after the first smashing incident at the gate of the community, the injured master Tian went into the community to find Zhang manager’s theory. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the second conflict. At present, the police of the happy middle road police station have been investigating the matter.

新建小区内上演全武行 卖沙商户抢占市场大打出手   西安东郊一新建小区卖沙商户抢占市场大打出手。   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市快报》记者 佘燕峰) 最近,西安市东郊一个小区刚刚建成,业主们都在加紧装修中,而为抢占市场,小区内外卖沙子的商户之间却上演了全武行。   记者了解到,在西安市星光路上陕钢厂家属院里新盖的三栋高层 总共八百多户,最近正在加紧装修之中,院子里瓷砖、建材、电线等等销售点应有尽有,而这沙子自然成了商家必争之地。   记者:“沙子咋卖?”   商户:“4块一袋。”   记者:“人家外面才卖3块,能便宜不?“   商户:“不便宜。”   商户:“小区里面就我们一家卖沙子的。”   业主:“我买的里面的沙子,听说外面的沙子进不来。”   小区里有人卖沙,小区外也有人卖沙,小区里卖沙子的得到授权,随意卖,小区外的想要卖进来,却要受到小区管理方的相对约束,只有业主亲自来接,才能进入,而就是这卖沙的问题,昨天在小区外出事了。   今天,当记者赶到陕钢厂家属院的南门外时看到,一辆商务车受损的情况非常的严重,车上所有的玻璃都已经破损,里面还有斑斑血迹,在座位下还有一个已经断裂的木棍,而在前挡风玻璃上有一个专供沙子水泥的广告,但是现在不知被谁拿走了。   知情者告诉记者,这辆车是小区外卖沙子的一个临时的业务洽谈点,而就在昨天下午五点左右,这辆车受到围攻。   目击者:“昨天下午五点,来了二三十人,拿着洋镐把。”   伤者:“突然来了一伙人,啥都没说就打人。”   目击者:“动作很快,前后就几分钟就都走了。”   记者:“伤了几个人?”   伤者:“四个人。”   记者:“打你们的是谁?”   伤者:“有的是小区里卖沙子的,有的是张的人。”   记者:“你们都认识?”   伤者:“必须认识。”   记者了解到,四名伤者中除了一名轻伤外,剩下的三人不同程度骨折,目前都在红会医院住院治疗,而伤者田师傅口中所说的张,是小区物业委托的装修现场的责任人,全权负责维护小区内装修期间的秩序维护,那打人者是否和他有关呢?   记者:“门口打砸的人是谁?”   张经理:“这个我不知道,我在里面坐着,然后进来两个人,一个拿着砍刀一个拿着洋镐把,直直的就来砍我。”   昨天下午,小区门口的第一起打砸事件之后,伤者田师傅又进入小区寻找张经理进行理论,还好第二次冲突中没人受伤。   目前,幸福中路派出所的民警已经对此事展开调查。相关的主题文章: