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The network media celebrities in the "China eye" FAST "tourism experience silent static original title: network media network celebrity collective line   in the" perception China eye "FAST silent experience" colorful Guizhou Tourism District static network (the network reporter Wu Yu) in November 4th to 5, the central network information office, Guizhou provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department guidance next, the Guizhou Provincial Office Network letter, Guizhou Tourism Committee, Guizhou provincial science and Technology Department will organize the national network media network celebrity collective offline, in the "Chinese eye" FAST silent area "static perception experience tourism". The central main news website, the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) major news website reporter, network V, tourism Master, science experts, the main website, new media reporters, more than 110 people, through 2 days of silence, experience and practice, oral thoughts and enlightenment, about quality attributes FAST static tour the promotion of FAST fusion and the static tourism depth, the promotion of FAST static tourism concept. It will be an unprecedented experience and will be the most quiet online media interview in china. FAST and other "call" fear of mobile phone interference in September 25, 2016, built in Pingtang County of Guizhou Prefecture of Qiannan Province town of China gram degree "eye" FAST officially opened. Through the FAST, humans can observe pulsars, neutral hydrogen, black holes and other information from the universe, and even a greater chance to capture the signal of extraterrestrial life. Pulsar signal frequency, and the frequency of mobile phones almost. If human beings can receive the signal from the outside of the Milky way, it seems that they have received a telephone call 100 thousand years away. According to scientists, the telescope is a passive acceptance of the weak electromagnetic signal of the universe, it does not have a strong radiation, and even fear of interference by the surrounding mobile phone signal. "Chinese eye" and the vast sky (network picture) completed in recent days Yanxu "silent" in November 4th in the 5 km line of FAST District collective silence eye opening triggered a global concern, to our country at the forefront of science to achieve a major breakthrough original, accelerate innovation driven development has important significance. Guizhou provincial Party committee and the provincial government to seize the opportunity to seize the FAST to strengthen scientific and technological innovation in Guizhou, to promote the development of astronomical tourism and other emerging industries brought great opportunities. "Pingtang county radio astronomy science city and Tiankeng tourism area development construction projects" clearly pointed out that "the first radio telescope is a world-class scientific research equipment. Only under the premise of fully ensuring the scientific research function". How to do the "China eye" FAST science work, strengthen the integration of FAST and popular science tourism, promote the spread of "Chinese eye" FAST static tourism concept and philosophy, is a meaningful topic worthy of discussion. After the opening of the mysterious FAST in just one month to receive tens of thousands of tourists, in order not to interfere with astronomical tourism research, visitors must abide by the electromagnetic wave silent zone discipline. In order to ensure no interference from radio telescope in Guizhou province "500 m diameter spherical radio telescope electromagnetic wave quiet region protection measures" clearly stipulates that the radio telescope station as the center, 5 km radius of the area as the core area, prohibited the establishment and use of radio (station), prohibited the construction of radiation of electromagnetic wave.相关的主题文章: