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National Day holiday vigilance on the tourist shopping trap to improve the vigilance of "single" "low price tour" holiday many people will choose to travel. Last year, Miss Li signed up with his family to join the group in Nanjing. The advertisement that the travel agency had played was "three people go free." Star hotel travel arrangements for accommodation is not propaganda, but the ordinary small hotel; scenic spots all need to charge all to buy the whole trip; most of the time to stay at the point of purchase, many of the attractions are to stay less than 10 minutes. To remind consumers of this market regulation department, we should choose a qualified travel agency with good reputation, and don’t be tempted by "low price" such as "one yuan Tour", "free tour", "package ticket" and so on. Before the trip, the contract should be signed, and the contract should be clear whether there are other charges in the process of playing, and what is the standard of accommodation and dining. The contract should be standardized, and the rights and obligations of both parties should be clear. In the course of travel, if the consumption is produced, pay attention to request shopping invoices, scenic spots and other related bills, and keep some photos and videos on the scene when necessary. Once there is a shopping consumer dispute, it can help the consumers to maintain their own rights and interests better. Pay attention to the use conditions of shopping fanquan holiday promotional activities are also many, many shopping malls will launch "Fanxuan" activities, to stimulate consumption. Ms. Zhang to the Mid Autumn Festival is a shopping mall, buy 2340 yuan of goods, according to the shopping festival fanquan full 1000 return 500 of the activity rules, get 1000 yuan coupons. But Ms. Zhang after the purchase of a certain brand of coat, the sales staff told her the brand does not participate in shopping activities, the use of vouchers can not, after Ms. Zhang also asked a few counters, the two can not use vouchers. Ms. Zhang also bought 1500 yuan of goods, to use a 500 yuan cash coupon. Market supervision departments to remind consumers, shopping fanquan need to pay attention to the conditions of use. Many businesses have launched golden week discount coupons, shopping full amount can get vouchers. But in the course of use vouchers can be used not to buy any goods, some goods can not be used, some goods need to pay part of the cash to use vouchers, use a voucher for some commodities only, some vouchers only after three days can be used…… The use of a variety of conditions significantly reduce the utility of vouchers. Consumers should ask the ticket use conditions in the purchase of goods fanquan, if purchase goods can not be used, you can ask the Seller whether change into other preferential. As well as buying discounted goods, we should also pay attention to whether the discounts contain "water". Buy discounts and pay attention to whether the discount contains "water". The market supervision department said that the national day, the major shopping malls have been playing a variety of promotional activities, the use of golden week set off the small climax of sales. Many commodities give up 3-5 discount propaganda, but the actual situation is that some commodities are rising before the festival, and the discount is on the basis of the price rise. The price of the National Day 50 percent off after the festival is equal to the price of 30 percent off of the commodity before the festival. Consumers should not be seduced by the discounts of discounts before buying them. They should compare the amount of money that actually needs to be paid, and buy them rationally.

国庆长假 警惕旅游购物陷阱提高警惕 “免单”“低价游”国庆长假不少人都会选择出游。李女士去年国庆和家人报名跟团来南京旅游,旅行社打出的广告是“三人行一人免单”,李女士觉得很划算,结果却大呼上当。旅行社安排的住宿并非宣传的星级宾馆,而是普通的小旅店;所有需要收费的景区门票全部要自行购买;整个行程大半时间都在购物点停留,许多景点都是走马观花,停留不到10分钟。对此市场监管部门提醒消费者,跟团出行注意选择有资质、口碑好的旅行社,不要被“一元游”、“免费游”、“包机票”等等的“低价”所诱惑。出行前要签订合同,合同上应明确游玩过程中是否还有其他收费项目,住宿、用餐标准是什么。合同应规范,双方的权利义务要明确。在旅行途中,如果产生消费,要注意索要购物发票、景点门票等相关票据,必要时保留现场的一些照片和视频。一旦出现购物消费纠纷,可以帮助消费者更好地维护自身权益。购物返券 注意使用条件节假日促销活动也很多,不少商场会推出“返券”活动,刺激消费。章女士中秋节到某商场购物,购买了2340元的商品,根据该商场节日返券满1000返500的活动规则,得到优惠券1000元。但是章女士之后购买某品牌大衣时,销售人员告诉她该品牌不参加商场活动,不能使用代金券,之后章女士又询问了几个专柜,有两家也不能使用代金券。章女士又购买了1500多元的商品,才使用了一张500元的代金券。市场监管部门提醒消费者,返券购物需要注意使用条件。黄金周许多商家都推出返券优惠,购物满一定金额就可以得到代金券。但在使用过程中发现代金券不是购买任何商品都可以使用,有的商品不能用,有的商品需要支付一部分现金才可以使用代金券,有的商品只能使用一张代金券,有的代金券仅在之后的三天内可以使用……多种使用条件大幅降低代金券的效用。消费者在购买返券商品时应询问该券的使用条件,如果之后购买的商品无法使用,可以询问卖家是否改成其他优惠。同样购买打折商品,也要注意折扣是否含有“水分”。购买打折商品注意折扣是否含有“水分”。市场监管部门表示,国庆节,各大商场都打出各种各样的促销活动,利用黄金周掀起销售的小高潮。许多商品打出3-5折的宣传语,但是,实际情况却是,有些商品在节前涨价,打折是在涨价的基础上。国庆节5折后的价格与节前该商品7折的价格相等。消费者购买前不要被折扣的优惠力度所诱惑,应对比实际需要支付的金额,理性购买。相关的主题文章: