The man close to the young female students to stop groping robbing


The man close to the young female students to stop robbing wit groping Strait news network September 21st (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Xu Feng (micro-blog)) on the bus, a middle-aged man deliberately close to the young woman robbing a young man wit, stop groping for women around the solution. Yesterday, there was a micro-blog in Fuzhou that described the scene on the 73 road bus and won a lot of praise from a lot of netizens. In the load… The reporter contacted this friend Xiao Zhang. He was the sophomore of a school in Mawei. Zhang recalled that on the evening of 19 8, he was a Mawei direction from the 73 bus Hengyu international park. In the middle of the car there was a more than 20 year old woman standing outside and standing by the window. At this time, a man in a striped coat and a more than 50 year old man came up and stood close to her. Xiao Zhang said that the car was not crowded, he found that the man’s hands were constantly rubbing to the women’s hips. He thought the man wanted to steal something, but to observe ten minutes, found the man only if far if near hand rubbed her back from time to time, women do not consciously move, the man still close, continue to extend the "groping". Zhang said, he thought, just pretend to get off, and then forced two people from across, and in between them, then pulled out ahead of a good word for women’s mobile phone, saying "be careful behind the uncle, knowing woman taking advantage of station. Xiao Zhang stared at the middle-aged man, and the other side did not dare to move lightly. After two or three stops, he and the woman got off the car. The woman said to him, felt something touching her back, but did not expect to be groping for Zhang to stop. Users have praised him, both to avoid Ms. embarrassment, but also to prevent "Kaiyou" deny "face, bold and crafty". (channel network) >

男子紧贴妙龄女揩油 大学生机智制止“咸猪手”海峡网9月21日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 徐丰)公交车上,一中年男子故意凑近妙龄女揩油,一名小伙子机智地制止“咸猪手”,帮女士解了围。昨日,福州有人发微博描述了73 路公交车上的这一幕,赢得许多网友的点赞。加载中… 记者辗转联系到这名网友小张,他是马尾一所学校的大二学生。小张回忆说,19 日晚8 点多,他从恒宇国际公园上了一辆往马尾方向的73 路公交车。车中部有一名20 多岁、脸朝外靠窗站着的女子,这时一名身穿条纹上衣、大概50 多岁的男子,上前紧贴着她站着。小张说,车上并不拥挤,他发现男子的手不断往女子臀部蹭。他以为男子想偷东西,但观察了十几分钟,发现该男子只是若远若近地用手背不时摩挲着女子的后背,女子不自觉地挪开,男子依旧靠近,继续伸出“ 咸猪手”。小张说,他想了想,就假装要下车,然后强行从两人之间穿过,并挡在了他们之间,随后掏出提前打好字的手机给女子看,上面写着“小心后面那位大叔”,女子会意趁势站远。小张则盯着中年男子,对方也不敢再有轻薄举动,过了两三站后他和那名女子就下了车。女子对他说,感觉到有东西触碰她后背,但没想到是“咸猪手”,多谢小张及时制止。网友纷纷称赞他,既避免了女士的尴尬,也防止了“揩油”者翻脸否认,“有勇有谋”。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章: