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The news election last minute 2016 U.S. presidential election – Sohu (source: Daily Mail) on Tuesday, the U.S. presidential election has been close at hand, Hilary and her partner Tim Kaine will be in New York? The Javits center and supporters together waiting for election. After the "New York post" reported that Hilary plans to vote off thirty minutes after the fireworks show on the Hudson River in New York, held a victory celebration. However, the latest news on Monday, said the Hilary team has canceled the fireworks celebration. This Monday in a municipal election security meeting, New York City Police Intelligence Director Galati (Thomas Galati) said: "they (the Hilary team) does have a permit for the fireworks display, but now it seems that we believe this fireworks celebration has been canceled." But declined to explain why. The New York Post reported last week that the New York City Fire Department issued a memorandum on Friday. The memo shows Hilary has hired the garden in New Jersey fireworks company to make arrangements for the fireworks show. A New York detective told the "New York post" said: "Hilary ready to celebrate the victory a little opinionated, I guess she will be busy preparing for the celebration before Friday." Someone joked: "if she lost, she would make the celebration of items sold to in the Eastern District of New York Trump at half price?" Inside the New York city police and fire departments, many of the early Hilary preparatory victory fireworks show it sniff at. "She’s already assumed a certain winning look, feel a bit overbearing." Hilary and Trump are going to New York on election night in. Hilary is a former senator from New York, her daughter and her husband Chelsea, investment banker Mark Mezvinsky, also live in New York?. In New York, the Queens born Trump in the city is deep, and his most here and adjacent to the high official positions and riches of Atlanta city. But since 1984, when Ronald,, won the presidential election with a landslide victory, the president of New York has been given a democratic vote.相关的主题文章: