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The killer tour line on a new version of the epic recast forging new three had said that 2016 was the topic of full year before the Olympic Games "fat" team Gemini, after the U.S. presidential election Trump counter attack, the crowd completely idle down there? This does not, holding 2016 of the tail, always watch full of game industry is also blaze a super heavy news: "War Within Three Kingdoms" Mobile Games new version of "recasting" completed, comprehensive on-line. No longer have to blink the stars to squat! Prior to this, War Within Three Kingdoms official exposure of some of the new version of the content, so that players are looking forward to. From the UI page design, to the generals card, the more massive There was no parallel in history. (heavy) new (CAST), "War Within Three Kingdoms" rival tour the new version of a comprehensive upgrade. You can see the line on the new version of the epic picture, Ambilight, delicate brushwork style, not only the continuation of the classic Chinese beauty in the wind, but the quality of light speed Mobile Games products is a rare delicacy. The heavy sense of history and the dynamic character of the elegant combination of a rich picture level and a good visual experience, properly put the value of the national wind game to enhance the level of more than a wood? Of course, in addition to Yan value refresh, the upgrade is also full of a humane change. The new version of "War Within Three Kingdoms" Mobile Games deep game player needs, understand the user pain points, to simplify the main interface, the game’s growth system, the function of the upgrading of integration. The main interface number layout is simple and clear, game player can quickly enter the game, additional activities is to see all the hall game player game activities. And return to the card image of the generals, has also been fully optimized, in the details of the new version of the interface to view military exploits. At the same time, through the research on the operating habits of users, the new version will also rank reward, activity center for the integration of all the rewards can be viewed in the growth interface, new features and search buttons, key generals and skin open chest is similar, greatly saves the playing time. In addition, the new version of the classic field added a "matching mechanism" can be called "the heart of Max". The introduction of this mechanism, the system will quickly find the opponent game player game player well-matched in strength in an intelligent way, let the game player close to the level of the same game, no opponent "why IQ is not Tucao online"! After the game, the best special effects display is also very cool. From 2008 to 2016, "War Within Three Kingdoms" after many changes, from the wind forest volcano expansion pack to a famous line from the game, online gaming, the game page tour to Mobile Games, do not show a "War Within Three Kingdoms" 8 years "temper before the trip, the only boutique" principle. "War Within Three Kingdoms" Mobile Games new version, can be said to be a boutique tour card recast "War Within Three Kingdoms" 8 anniversary of the new version must also be able to bring a whole new world for their three game player.相关的主题文章: