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The ideal music festival on the 16 day of Shanghai Li Yuchun Li Ronghao joined the WechatIMG5 WechatIMG6 Sina entertainment news 2016 ideal music festival will be 16 in September, 17, held at Expo Park in Shanghai. Ideal Music Festival is the first Internet Music Festival in china. The ideal Music Festival, in addition to the ideal stage (Dream Stage), the young pioneer stage (Youth Stage), this time into the music theme more fresh, and set in the three stage, namely: (Electronic Stage) electronic stage and air stage (ACGN Stage Ying Tao) and micro music the stage (Way-Music Stage). The ideal music festival invited Li Yuchun and Li Ronghao in 16 days, 17 days of ideal stage for the finale, in addition to the Houhai sharks, recycling, Dabang, gimini and other domestic rock band. The young pioneer stage finale artists are American hardcore rapper DMX and GALA, as well as domestic music Liu Liyang [micro-blog]. In addition to the micro-blog supper moment, super VC[, sunmmer sunshine, excuse me to join the orchestra. It is worth mentioning that the new addition to the Stage (ACGN). This is a two dimensional stage, the ideal music festival for the first time into the two dimension of culture, will show you the beautiful and illusion of figurative, let the reality and virtual music movement is switched on, let you feel the emotional resonance and resonance, there will be a gathering of many Indoorsman fag hag. Stage (ACGN) will subvert the traditional, set the popular games, classic animation, two dimensional music in one, the main challenge of the new form of music. Micro music stage is located in the two stage of the Expo stage, is a new Internet technology music stage. The micro music stage lineup includes Liu Donghong and Sha Ziledui, Zhu Qiao and the band, AKI resistance band, Sui Jichen and regular work band, Ulla Dorn and many other music band and the band, the integration of social media and music and music video, VR, intelligent hardware and music, O2O music and the four major themes of the concept experience, achieve wonderful cross presentation. 2016 ideal Music Festival – ShangHai Railway Station performance time: September 2016 16-17 day Venue: Shanghai Expo Park相关的主题文章: