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The heart of the champion! The Premier League record of Liverpool are looking at God overlord Manchester United Premier League record to create a god Levin Tencent sports news September 28th in the imperial court, the Premier League last season Leicester City 1-0 defeated veteran Champions Oporto, 2 wins 6 points topped the team standings. The command of Ranieri team has quietly set a new record: they become the first team in the Champions League before the two race to win all of the England football club, even United Liverpool (data), also can not be compared! Last season staged a small team of Levin myth ", success in the Premier League title, let Wenger, still in the class of completely discredited infamy, also let the world tens of millions of fans still relish. Once upon a time, "twenty years of Laicheng powder" was springing up like bamboo shoots after the rain. It is an era of "everyone is the city of Laicheng"! Just at that time, because many "position reasons" have subtle mind of Levin fans, released relentless: "this team is weak strength to play the Champions League, the Premier League will only bring shame! Levin to the Champions League a few games will be exposed!" We can also say that Laicheng has no British disgrace today. The first two rounds of the UEFA Champions League, Levin 3-0 thrashing of Bruges first, then defeated the Oporto Champions League veteran 1-0. Notice, this is just Levin 132 years to build the team set off for the first time in front of the Champions League, the former champion Oporto, Levin is absolute "junior". But the blue fox’s wild and intractable to acme, they dare to win over the nobility. In the imperial court more than 30 thousand fans crazy roar, the whole world had to admit: perhaps the strength is not really the top European Levin, but they deserve the Premier League overlord, they realized that Liverpool United for the first time to participate in the Champions League did not do wonders, they did not give the League — perhaps to discredit the Laicheng Power is limited, but this kind of play and to honor the unruly, desire, some claim giants team, some shouting his mouth, but in fact the title Xiaofujian marshal, has been for many years have not been! As we all know, football is a cruel game: champions and flowers only have short time frames, just like food products. The expiration date is rubbish. This season Laicheng’s situation is proving this: Laicheng’s thin line-up is hard to support the Champions League’s double line operations, so Laicheng league only got 7 points in the first 6 rounds, ranking the twelfth in the Premier League. So the British media, "20 years Levin powder have changed the flag changing of the guard, in the major media headlines, it is hard to see in the blue fox Legion or Ranieri. See also the Levin defense Our wills unite like a fortress. but fortunately: the wild and intractable Lae, still become the beautiful scenery in the Champions League. See Levin see Our wills unite like a fortress. defense, Valdivia et al the desperate struggle, see Ranieri a heroic, people have to admit: This is one at any time can not be underrated, because they are magic ball team achievement football miracle, because they have likely to engulf any opponent at any time the blood, because they have the kind of miracle can be kicked out of the heart of a champion in football! (Leng Xue) (Tencent sports)

冠军之心!英超霸主神纪录 曼联利物浦皆仰望  莱城创造英超神级纪录  腾讯体育9月28日讯 在皇权球场,上赛季英超冠军莱切斯特城队1-0击败了欧冠老油条波尔图,2战全胜积6分登顶小组积分榜。拉涅利统率的球队也悄然间创下新纪录:他们成为第一支欧冠前两场正赛全部取胜的英格兰足球俱乐部,即便是曼联利物浦(数据) ,也不能比!  上赛季莱城上演“小球队的大神话”,成功在英超折桂,让温格等人威信扫地至今仍然活在下课骂名之中,也让全世界数以千万计的球迷至今还津津乐道。曾几何时,“二十年莱城粉”如雨后春笋般现世。那是一个“人人都是莱城粉”的时代!只是,当时很多因为“立场原因”而对莱城抱有微妙心思的球迷,放出狠话:“这样实力孱弱的球队代表英超去打欧冠,只会给英超丢人!莱城去欧冠打上几场就会原形毕露!”  又见莱城无所不能的神帅  但今天可以说,莱城没有英超丢人。欧冠前两轮,莱城先是3-0痛击布鲁日,随后1-0击败了欧冠老油条波尔图。须知,这不过是莱城建队132年来第一次出征欧冠,在波尔图这种前冠军面前,莱城是绝对的“小辈”。但是蓝狐军团的桀骜不驯发挥到极致,他们就是敢于掀翻贵族,战而胜之。在皇权球场3万多球迷近乎癫狂的怒吼声中,全世界不得不承认:也许莱城的实力确实不是欧陆顶级,但是他们无愧英超霸主的身份,他们实现了曼联利物浦当年首次参加欧冠都没有做到的奇迹,他们没有给英伦联赛抹黑——也许莱城实力有限,但这种担当、桀骜和对荣誉的渴望,某些自诩豪门的球队,某些嘴上喊着争冠但实际上小富即安的名帅,已经很多年都没有过!  众所周知,足球是一种残酷的游戏:冠军和鲜花只有很短的时效,就如同食品一般,保质期一过就成了垃圾。本赛季莱城的境遇就在证明着这一点:莱城单薄的阵容难以支撑欧冠联赛的双线作战,所以莱城联赛前6轮只拿到7个积分,排名英超第12位。于是英伦媒体、“20年莱城粉”们纷纷改旗易帜,在各大媒体的头条,人们很难在看到蓝狐军团或者拉涅利。  又见莱城众志成城的防守  但所幸的是:桀骜不驯的莱城,仍然在欧冠赛事里成为那道靓丽的风景。看一看莱城众志成城的防守,看一看瓦尔迪等人拼尽全力的搏斗,看一看拉涅利运筹帷幄的英姿,人们不得不承认:这是一支任何时候都不能被低估的球队,因为他们是成就过足坛奇迹的神奇球队,因为他们有着随时可能吞噬任何对手的热血,因为他们有那种可以在足球场上踢出奇迹的冠军之心!  (冷雪)(腾讯体育)相关的主题文章: