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The Golden Eagle Festival ceremony: Internet super girl   summer sweetheart   SNH48 first fit – Jiangxi Channel – original title: the Golden Eagle Festival ceremony: Internet super girl summer sweetheart SNH48 first fit the Golden Eagle Festival Festival Summer eleventh Internet super girl sweetheart Golden Eagle Festival Internet festival will be at 19:30 on October 15th in Changsha held. Earlier media published most will attend the festival Star Cafe, when the festival site will star bright. At present, the party has all set up the stage, the program group also in intense rehearsal for the ceremony. Yesterday, Super Girls 2016, "summer" sweet hearts and SNH48 girl as a member of the Golden Eagle Festival opening ceremony of the platoon Internet show. Super girl, summer sweetheart, SNH48 will fit: young girl firepower 14 years Internet festival opening show by Yang Yang, Yi Yizi, Fu Mengni, super girl Hong Chen common performance 4D virtual scene with the show, very cool feeling, let the audience hooked opening. The Internet is composed of 2016 festival opening show Super Girls, "summer sweetheart" hearts and female idol group SNH48 fit performance. They will bring together for the opening of the program "online Youth Internet Festival". From the rehearsal scene, the common interpretation of a summit girl big show will be SNH48, and Super Girls are summer sweetheart theme perfect string together, full of youthful vitality. In order to bring the audience a better visual enjoyment, they are very hard at the rehearsal, to formally show the pink of perfection. Stage design with a sense of cool many trendy technology will be released on the night of the rehearsal scene, in addition to Super Girls, summer honey and SNH48 with rehearsal opening show. Choreography is striking: the stage by the circular light device with curved screen LED to create a perfect sense of future technology. It is reported that the current Internet Festival, there will be a number of domestic Internet technology company released disruptive technology achievements, and the future will be widely used in people’s daily life, bring more convenience. Your life has been on the line, how future technology will change people’s lives, the eleventh Golden Eagle Festival Internet Festival announced for you! At 19:30 on October 15th, the curtain is about to open, Hunan TV, mango TV will broadcast live. (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)相关的主题文章: