The girl was lifted 20 minutes card anti-theft window man is like lifts brother


The girl was lifted 20 minutes card anti-theft window man was like "lifts brother original title: girls are card anti-theft window was like 20 minutes the man lifts lifts brother Xu Jiashen standing on a ladder, firmly hold the child, Lin Huanwen is trying to use a variety of methods to open the window. Xu Jiashen (middle), Wu Huanlin (right), and the first time (left) of the group of people together in the same place (in the middle of the world), the first time in the history of the world. Promote the socialist core values of three year old girl who lives in the two floor balcony, drilled card theft around his neck. The moment the girl hanging in the air, but the foot pad bundle cable, not suffocate. The neighbors heard to exclaim, climb up the ladder, lifted the little girl up to 20 minutes, until firefighters arrived, the girl was rescued. Four years ago, Zhou Chong of Hubei hang four floor of 3 year old girl Kiki in the Milky way known lifts, lifts brother". Two days ago, Guangzhou Heng Zhi Gang reproduction lifts brother: 3 year old girl small gesture for grandpa to climb the balcony, because the shoes fall, she was from the window drill out, lead to neck stuck, people hanging in the air. In this case, the 51 year old Xu Guangxi people moved out of the ladder, standing on top of a small gesture, up to more than and 20 minutes, until it was eventually rescued. In the meantime, the residents are consciously join the rescue, the scene is very moving. The girl was neck drilling anti-theft window 53 year old Jiang Hunan uncle and his wife, grandson, granddaughter in Heng Zhi Gang building houses two buildings, two elderly people to take care of two grandchildren. In September 22nd, an accident happened. "In the past, I have to go to buy a small gesture of food, and more than 7 yesterday morning, I let her go to buy food, she just did not want to go." Chiang uncle no way, he will be left alone at home. Later, Jiang Shu told reporters that small gesture has not come home to see Grandpa, along the climb up the windows, to see what my grandfather came back, who knows accidentally, a shoe fell out of the window. "She wanted to take the shoes back, broke through the window, did not think himself out, head stuck in the window. Fortunately, there is a large bundle of cable under the window, she stood on tiptoe." Later, Jiang Shu think the bundle of cable is also a great help. Fortunately, there are cable pad below, there are neighbors found early, come rescue." Lifts brother heard the horse hanging in the window quickly exclaimed on the small gesture Kuchu sound, just two middle-aged women after, immediately issued exclaimed, causing lifts brother Xu Jiashen attention. "At that time, I was about to send a child to school, open the window to see, there was a child hanging on the neighbor’s window. I let my children wait for a while and then went to the scene." Xu Jiashen is home decoration, there happens to be a ladder, the ladder he quickly moved in the past, this site has gathered several people. "I ask them to hold the ladder, I was standing on the ladder top, put his hand to the child." Xu Jiashen found that small gesture red neck, tiptoe in line, hands holding the anti-theft window, "there are a few minutes or cable, the child was gone." He tried to push the child from the window, but did not succeed, so he can only hold, so that the child will not be suspended, while playing the alarm call. This lift is more than and 20 minutes Xu Jiashen. Ya相关的主题文章: