The future of Chongqing rail traffic will form a seventeen line and one ring network ssport


The future of Chongqing rail transit will form a "Seventeen line ring network newspaper news (reporter Yang Yongqin) in October 28th, from the urban and Rural Construction Committee and the city rail group said that the future of rail transport in our city will form a" Seventeen line a ring network, which by 2020, the city will form 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6, 9, 10 lines and 9 lines link. Since 2012, the city’s rail transit construction into the fast lane, as of now, the city has built 1 rail transit, 2, 3, line 6, 202 km line, forming a rail transit backbone network, access line of nine districts in all core group, connected to the main commercial center, airport, train stations and other major transportation hub first, the operating mileage in Western china. At the same time, the city rail transit has gradually become the first choice for the general public travel. At present, the city’s rail transit daily maximum passenger volume of more than 2 million 570 thousand times, the average daily passenger volume of more than 2 million times, effectively alleviate the urban traffic pressure, significantly improve the efficiency of urban operation. At present, the rail line in our city construction are as follows: Line 4 phase, from the CAS Yubei District Road, Jiangbei District by Haier Road, Jiangbei District in Tang Jiatuo, 9 stations. Line 5 phase, from the two rivers area park, the Hongyan village rail bridge across the Jialing River, Shapingba District, Chongqing West Railway Station hub, stop in Dadukou District Tiaodeng, 25 stations. Line 10, line length of approximately 34 kilometers, in Jiangbei District carp pond by northern New South, North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station, the Jiangbei Airport T3, stop at the Wangjiazhuang Liangjiang New Area, 19 stations. Link from Shapingba Chongqing West Railway Station hub, the garden Gao track special bridge across the Jialing River, the northern New District of Chongqing North Railway Station South Square, the Chaotianmen rail bridge across the Yangtze River, the south bank area of four km, the Egongyan bridge across the Yangtze River special track, stop in the Shapingba area of Chongqing West Railway Station hub, 33 stations. 3 line north extension, the current line has entered the commissioning phase, will be opened to traffic during the year. The project is from the No. 3 subway station Bijin, the Shuangfeng Bridge station, Airport Plaza Station, High Castle Lake Station, moongazing Road station, lotus station, stop at Yubei District Juren dam station, 6 stations. This year to start building the first phase project of line 9 (gaotanyan to back Hing section), line length of approximately 32 kilometers, 24 stations, stations to gaotanyan, road, Shapingba, Tian Li Xiaolongkan, Tu Wan, Hongyan village, Fuhua Road (formerly semi Road), Hua Village (the original dragon bridge), Li Ping, leech beam, carp pond (Guanyin Bridge, originally built new road), Liu Jiatai, five, Jiangbei City shop, Kai Lan Xi (original irrigation Road), Toutang (raw shrimp bat), bonded port, He Jialiang (Yuan Jinshan), stone river (the original fruit, on the road) Bay Road, clothing City Avenue, Bao Tong Road, hing. According to the introduction, in the construction of the lines, in addition to 3 line open by the end of this year and this year to build 9 lines first phase opened in 2020, the rest of the line will be completed by next year. According to reports, according to rail transportation planning, the city rail transit in Beibei, West Wing, siepen, boundary stone, Long Sheng, Cai Jia, Lijia, soil, tea and other regional planning to set aside the rail line corridor, rail transit network)相关的主题文章: