The future is worrying! It was less than 10 hours later than the village dairy animation was deleted-rainlendar


The future is worrying! The village dairy animation less than 10 hours on-line because of illegal foreign today (October 10th) than the old village stone wet works "Monday peach" (tentative translation, formerly known as "Monday for guys guys" of animation) announced at the same time, first sets are also posted on the popular video site YouTube, the message immediately triggered a day does call home. However, it was just less than half a day, and the first episode of the animation was deleted by YouTube in the afternoon. About 18 o’clock local time in Japan, when Japanese netizens opened the YouTube page of the first episode of peach on Monday, it was found that the video had been unable to play, and showed that the video violated the community code of YouTube and was deleted. Community norms of so-called YouTube include a ban on naked, and involves explicit violence and harmful content, risk discrimination, coercion, spam, fraud and so on. The first episode of "Monday’s peach", "a peach on Monday morning’s brothers," was adapted from a manga of a village odd stone, with a length of only 4 minutes and 37 seconds. Animation can be seen in all our pictures, and enjoy the beauty of the impact of Optima, in addition there is no radical picture. It is not known for being deleted because it involves the "content of sex" or "the content of discrimination" or some other reason. But the animations that were scheduled to release 12 sets were deleted less than 10 hours in the first set, and how the future of the animation will be worrying. Tencent animation will continue to pay attention to it! In addition, the animation was deleted by the YouTube, and the Japanese netizen’s hot discussion, netizen commented: "what is this degree of deletion is for? Not even the dew point. " "The female senior high school student’s sex suggestion, involves the juvenile protection law." "The peach on Monday was deleted and the only thing that could cure us was taken away!" "It shouldn’t be a problem, right? "Monday’s peach" will come back, right? I can only pray. " Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

前途堪憂!比村乳業動畫上線不到10小時就因違規被刪今天(10月10日)比村奇石老濕的作品《周一的蜜桃》(暫譯,原名《月曜日のたわわ》)宣佈動畫化的同時,第1集也在知名視頻網站YouTube上發佈,該消息一出立刻引發日宅懽呼。然而也僅僅高興了不到半日,下午該動畫第1集就因違規被YouTube刪除了。日本噹地時間18點左右,日本網友打開《周一的蜜桃》第1集的YouTube頁面時,發現視頻已經無法播放,並顯示“該視頻違反了YouTube的社區規範已刪除。”所謂的YouTube的社區規範包括禁止涉及裸體和性、露骨的暴力、有害的危嶮內容、歧視、脅迫、垃圾廣告、欺詐等內容。《周一的蜜桃》的第1集《給周一早上的社畜諸兄送來蜜桃》根据比村奇石的人氣漫畫改編,時長僅4分37秒。動畫中可以看到各種乳搖的畫面,還有被歐派撞擊的美好享受,此外並沒有任何過激的畫面。被刪除是因為涉及了“性的內容”還是“歧視的內容”又或是其他的某種原因,不得而知。但是原本預定發佈12集的動畫在第1集上線不到10個小時就被刪除,今後該動畫的命運將會如何很是令人擔憂。騰訊動漫也將持續關注!另外,該動畫被YouTube刪除一事,也引起了日本網友的熱議,網友評論道:“這種程度就被刪除是為什麼?明明連露點都沒有啊。”“巨乳女高中生的性暗示,涉及到未成年人保護法了吧。”“《周一的蜜桃》被刪大事不妙,唯一能夠治愈我們的東西被奪走了!”“應該不會有問題吧?《周一的蜜桃》會回來的吧?我只能祈禱了。” 點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品相关的主题文章: