The final stimulation of human AFC Champions League football industry calls for big sports; pe-yuanjiao


The final stimulation of human   AFC Champions League football foundation; the industry calls for money – Sports – original title: they can not win by buying and buying Beijing time yesterday morning, Jeonbuk Hyundai in the first 1 to 1 draw Al Ain, final with a total score of 3 to 2 of the 2016 season won the Champion Award cup AFC Champions League. After the game, the former striker Li Weifeng said South Korea football great gap, still have to start from the basis of. A super club officials also said, we have to reflect on their football. The North won not by big feeling before China soccer players Li Weifeng said, "we feel the South Korean Football League is not money can immediately build out, if the money is so simple we will now first in the world. Be quiet, do our own football." Li Weifeng’s speech attracted more than a hundred comments, some netizens said, "international." There are users commented, do not engage in youth training, only hit the money to buy foreign aid, what is the use?" In addition, a Super League club officials in the end: "evaluation of AFC Champions League Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors took AFC Champions League pass there is hope for a family, all the big foreign aid? There is no super such a huge investment? Are there 100 million levels of assistance? Worthy of reflection!" Improve the training system of Han Zuqing gap between Park Ji-Sung, Leeyoung-pyo and other South Korean players have had a good performance in europe. In particular, Park Ji-Sung, Manchester United, when he was an important rotation of the players under the Ferguson, many starting appearances for Manchester United in the Premier League and the Champions League play a key role. In Park Ji-Sung, Leeyoung-pyo, Sun Xingmin, Ki took the banner of South Korean players in europe. Sun Xingmin played well in the Bundesliga and the Premier League, Ki has also become the core player in the premier. South Korea’s outstanding players emerge in endlessly, thanks to the perfect youth training system. From primary school, high school to college have a corresponding League, good players have the opportunity to be selected directly by the professional team. Since the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea successfully held, football is quite popular in korea. In accordance with the habits of South Korea, primary school grade three will be selected in the school, from the primary school selection into the team, these young people into a lay in the school of youth training pipeline. 3 hours of training after school Monday through Friday. And a high school team, a year to play at least 18 events, including the school league, City League, regional league, National League and a variety of off campus friendly. Every year the high school League finals held in Seoul, many coaches, scouts are going to watch the games, select the strength of the players. For example, just won the AFC Champions League champion Jeonbuk Hyundai, once had a lot of players are from Gyeongnam high school to go out. Reflection on the result football blundering compared to South Korea, the Super League surface hot, but the real level of football Chinese whether qualitative changes have been doubts, but the youth system is always repeated in the said problem. The super team of high investment in the transfer of the shocked the world, from the big 45 million euros to introduce Martinez, Suning to 50 million euros to introduce Teixeira to Hong Kong, 55 million euros to introduce the Hulk, foreign aid)相关的主题文章: