The driver took the tires as a warning sign on the high speed road.-imjpmig


On the highway, the driver took the tires as a warning sign (picture) the driver of the car took the tires as a warning sign. City traffic enforcement detachment six brigade for two high speed figure Hualong Hualong network October 8th 19 05 news (reporter Liu Yan) a pickup truck on the highway and parking for the right rear wheel running helpless, didn’t want to get up when the driver actually use tire warning signs. This (8) day, Chongqing traffic law enforcement high-speed two teams of six teams to report, the driver has not set up the warning signs according to the regulations, was fined 200 yuan, record 3 points. City traffic enforcement detachment of the six battalion of the two high-speed law enforcement team said, October 7th at 1 pm, Wang Yichuan, driving the pickup trucks to Wanda high-speed south segment, the right rear wheel suddenly occurred off. "After the discovery of the abnormal, I immediately decelerate to prepare for parking check." The driver, Wang said, did not wait for him to dock the car to the emergency lane, the right rear wheel dropped and the car could not go on. Because no triangle warning sign was found on the car, so there was a lot of cars coming to the rear. When the tire was big enough, it could also play a warning role. He acted as a warning sign when he dropped the tire temporarily. Subsequently, the high-speed law enforcement officers immediately used the warning cone cylinder to control the rear of the car, and informed the relevant units for rescue. According to the law enforcement team, Wang was fined 200 yuan and 3 points because the warning signs were not set according to the regulations. The high speed law enforcement department reminds the driver to check the tire pressure and vehicle condition ahead of time. When the vehicle breaks down on the highway, it should stop the vehicle in the emergency lane, open the danger alarm flash lamp, and put the triangle warning sign outside the vehicle 150 meters away.

高速路上跑脱轮胎 驾驶员竟拿轮胎当警示牌(图) 这辆车的驾驶员竟拿轮胎当警示牌。市交通执法高速二支队六大队供图 华龙网发   华龙网10月8日19时05分讯(记者 刘艳)一皮卡车在高速路上因右后轮跑脱无奈停车,没想驾驶员竟就地取材拿轮胎当起警示牌。今(8)日,重庆交通执法高速二支队六大队通报,该车驾驶员因未按规定设置警示标志,被罚款200元,记3分。   市交通执法高速二支队六大队的执法队员说,10月7日下午1时许,王某驾驶一川籍皮卡车行驶至万达高速南雅段时,右后轮突然发生脱落。   “发现异常后,我马上减速准备停车检查。”驾驶员王某称,还没等他将车停靠到应急车道上,右后轮就掉了,车也无法继续行驶。因为车上没找到三角警示牌,后方来车也非常多,想到轮胎足够大,也能起到警示作用,他就将掉落的轮胎临时拿来当起了警示牌。   随后,高速执法人员立即用警示锥筒对该车后方进行控制,同时通知有关单位进行施救。执法队员表示,因未按规定设置警示标志,王某被罚款200元,记3分。   高速执法部门提醒驾驶员,行车前请提前检查胎压、车况,高速公路上发生故障时,应把车辆停于应急车道,开启危险报警闪光灯,并在车辆后方150米外摆放三角警示标志。相关的主题文章: