The damaged tank or residual toxic gases. Two maintenance workers and enthusiastic people


The damaged tank or residual toxic gases. Two maintenance workers and enthusiastic people to save the injured Li Qinchun tanker accident. In October 21st, Haier Road, Jiangbei District No. 611 dragons parking lot, engaged in automobile maintenance Tang in the tank inside the tank maintenance into a car after, never wake up. While in the car before he learned that this is an empty tank before entering the. After the accident, we have come to the rescue, Li Qinchun and Ding Zhihui ventured into the tank because of the same inhalation of large amounts of gas, has been sent to hospital. These days, two people were injured for medical expenses to worry about, the families of the deceased are still in contact the tanker company. Go to the car did not come back again yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporters came to the hospital to see the 324, still stay in the hospital for observation for Li Qinchun. This year, 28 years old, he is an employee of the Tang Dynasty, the incident that day is going to work. "Headache, chest tightness." It has been nearly ten days, Li Qinchun is not very good, nose stuck oxygen tube, no strength to speak, coughing. In October 21st 1 in the afternoon, Tang and Li Qinchun are ready to repair shop, store up all sell scrap metal. At this time, a tanker Chongqing A license to repair shop in front of the door, the driver hopes Tang can help him repair the tank truck left a depression hit the mark. Li Qinchun memories, looking at each other for help, Tang decided to complete the work at hand, and then to repair. "We asked him if there was anything in the jar," he said, "and asked if he could get in." Li Qinchun said. 6 pm, Tang’s work is completed, the maintenance of the damaged tanker tank alone, trying to restore the tank. Half an hour later, Tang’s shop dinner, Li Qinchun see the boss did not come back, then the side of the phone, go there to find his car. "I made two calls, no one answered." Li Qinchun saw no one beside the tanker, from between the front and the ladder to climb to the top of the tank, by opening the lid, he found that Tang still lying in the tank, without any movement. Rescue the results of two people coma help! Quick save!" Li Qinchun called a few times in the direction of the repair shop, and then got into the jar. "The smell is very pungent, very difficult to breathe." Li Qinchun vigorously shook the Tang, and called him a few, but did not get any response. While Li Qinchun will be ready to pull the Tang tank to single handedly, he has no consciousness, pour in the tank. Fortunately, Li Qinchun into the tank before shouting for help, people have come around, a few young people climbed the tank, endure the pungent odor, found the fallen Li Qinchun and tang. In order to save, Ding Chi will volunteer wearing anti-dust masks into the tank. We found a rope, tied to the body of the Ding zhi. Into the tank, anti-dust masks useless, Ding Zhi will try to hold your breath, but still a lot of pungent gas absorption. In a suffocating environment, he found that Tang has no breathing, and Li Qinchun still faint breath, then decided to save Li Qinchun. Ding Zhihui tied Li Qin with another rope.相关的主题文章: