The courier man scolded beaten injured police persuasion Hyde ca1816


The courier man scolded beaten injured police persuasion Hyde Taiyuan evening news (reporter Han Rui Guo Xiaohua) public Master Lu never thought, he saw someone insults the courier on the road, then go to unexpectedly angry brutally beaten each other, causing the body multiple fractures. After the violence, the batterer is not Gulu stopped, forced to drive away. This happened in September 14th. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the Department of orthopedics ward armed police hospital saw lying on the bed of Master Lu, his nose stuck in the oxygen tube, multiple body bandaged, dispirited. The hospital diagnosis results showed that the Master Lu arm comminuted fracture of rib fracture, hip fracture, two. Looking at the black face of her husband’s face, his wife, Mrs. Han, couldn’t help crying. From September 14th since the incident, in order to master Lu healing, home has spent more than 1 yuan. According to Lu master and courier narrative, combined with the scene of the monitoring screen, the reporter was generally reduced at the time of the incident. The evening of September 14th at 6:36 PM, in the northeast corner of the Twin Towers Road, Changfeng Street East mouth Internet automobile industrial park at the entrance to the parking lot, a car without a license black Mercedes sedan stopped, at the same time, a car parked in the courier tricycle car one or two meters away. As the body block, not clear what happened between the driver and the courier, only to see a lot of people to the Mercedes Benz side of the road close, it seems to be watching. At this time, riding electric car Master Lu entered the picture, through the window and driving a Mercedes car wearing a black short sleeved man said what. Then, the black man under the car, according to Lu master face hit a few punches, his glasses were flying, several times almost fell. Many onlookers, but no one dared to come forward to stop. Subsequently, the men hit back to the car, the car drive a few meters after the stop, a steel wheel lock off again rushed back, according to Lu master head and face and body is a meal. Reporters counted, not flying kick and punch, hit man altogether GRIMLOCK hit Lu master 15 times, the Lu master fell to the ground several times, the other is still not done. At the same time, Benz on another man out of the car, to assist the suspect. After playing, the suspect drove to leave the scene. Passers by trying to catch up with the past, but failed. The injured Master Lu tried to license, but the car was another man down. Subsequently, the two men fled the scene. It is understood that the Mercedes Benz car unlicensed. The courier told reporters on the phone, he was riding a tricycle is ready to return to the company, when the inexplicable scold man driving a Mercedes car, she also felt aggrieved and puzzled, then think about it, the other side may be considered his tricycle from the car near the due, but then from the Mercedes Benz car tricycle there is one metre away, didn’t touch. Master Lu appealed to come over, the attitude is very good, no radical words. It is understood that after the incident, Changfeng East police station to understand the situation. Yesterday afternoon, reporters call to the police, the other said that the matter has been filed, they are clues to apprehend suspects. (material person: Mr. Zhang reported fee: 50 yuan)相关的主题文章: