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Travel-and-Leisure Marriott Hotel in Savannah, Georgia One of the most popular hotels in Savannah is Marriott Riverfront, an ac.modation facility that is located downtown in the Georgian capital. Marriott Hotel offers perfect access to River Street, the City Market and some other attractions that are magnets for tourists. From here, the hotels guests can walk easily all the way through the Historic District of Savannah, where they can explore the citys museums, antique shops, art galleries and many beautiful squares. The Marriott Riverfront Savannah Hotel has many places where you can enjoy a lovely dinner or a quick lunch and if you still want more, you can always check the downtown of the city for contemporary American or international cuisine. This hotel has great amenities as a car rental desk, wireless internet access, banquet facilities and even an impressive business center. You can book discount rooms at this hotel if you check their website in advance and secure the best rates for your journey. Book Savannah Hotels and Explore the Haunted City It is said that Savannah is Americas Most Haunted City, because apparitions, ghosts and numerous other paranormal activities were reported at some of the citys cemeteries, private residences, restaurants and inns. People book Savannah hotels just for visiting the haunted places of the city and there are numerous places that were magnificently restored in the last years and still said to be haunted by their former owners. It is said that the city is so powerfully haunted because it is built on the cemeteries of the first colonists and their spirits are still present now and there. It is a known fact that Savannah had a terrible and violent history, because numerous bloody battles have taken place here, the most known of them being the Siege of Savannah. Booking downtown Savannah hotels will offer you a great base to explore the city and try to see for yourself whether the stories are real or not. The Marshall House Savannah Hotel Right in the middle of Savannah, Georgia, the Marshall House is a splendid hotel that is a lovely alternative to the big and somewhat impersonal hotel chains. This ac.modation facility offers you a great balance of historic style and personal .fort, in order for you to explore the city of Savannah at ease. It was built in 1851, as the first Savannah hotel and during the past few years the hotel has undergone an impressive restoration with surprising results. The Marshall House offers its visitors splendid rooms designed to highlight the essence of this historic building and in the hallway are displayed old prints as well as a few collections of artefacts. Besides offering guests a taste of the Old South, the hotel is also very close to the most significant shopping spots and historic sights of Savannah and thus it is a re.mended place for booking rooms for securing your southern vacation. Enjoy Popular Savannah Hotels A city of absolute charm, Savannah is one of the few places in America where the past meets the present while still maintaining the same spirit. Tourists from all over the world .e here every year to experience the calm and peaceful atmosphere of a city that breathes everywhere its charming history. There are various opportunities to obtain great ac.modation in the city and the easiest and the fastest way is to browse online the deals for the best Savannah hotels. A good rated Savannah hotel is Mulberry Holiday Inn, which offers perfect ac.modation in the heart of the city, very close to most of the attractions and shopping venues in Savannah. Several blocks away from the citys Historic District you can find Staybridge Suites, a hotel that provides the guests impeccable room service and free modern facilities such as inter. access. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: