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The AC-130J air gunship into service new 105 mm cannon – Sohu Military Channel text with map: America’s new AC-130J air gunship. Observer network: the United States Air Force times "website published 25 articles" see "the ultimate fighter air force" it is newly from your air support ", announced a new generation of aerial gunship AC-130J into service. Allegedly, compared with the new AC-130J gunship and had also adopted C-130J aircraft AC-130W gunship platform, an increase of 105 mm cannon, while still retaining the ability to carry all kinds of aviation bomb. This makes the gunship capability beyond the previous AC-130 blastboat machine model, become the main equipment of a new generation of U.S. close air support. That military observer network commentator, AC-130J again strong firepower, also cannot be overcome in high intensity combat environment completely useless reality, from last year to the United States military services have begun to reflect on the excessive emphasis on policing war and ignore regular warfare with partial equipment development path of the line, it seems, they seem to be still in order of war on the road to continue to gallop…… The United States Air Force "times" back I said AC-130J "Ghost Rider" is a history of the most powerful gunship since the machine is equipped with a 30 mm cannon and 105 mm cannon, in addition, you can also use the AGM-176A "Griffin" mini missile, they also carry Hellfire anti tank missiles and GBU-39 small diameter bomb. This is not all. In the future, the ghost rider may even be equipped with a high energy laser weapon – yes, laser. In the next few years, it will appear on the battlefield, "Ghost Rider" will be a ferocious ground for the U.S. Army to provide close support to the enemy to launch a fierce fire, put them into the grave. Planes such as F-35 or A-10 may be the headlines, and the Capitol Hill has turned a corner. But although low-key, but the AC-130 and its improved type as a hard working of the old cattle in the past 15 years. In Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the battle of Fallujah, the overthrow of the dictator of Libya, Al-qaddafi, and now the fight against the Islamic state, a variety of military operations, AC-130 play well. AC-130 first served in the Vietnam War, the U.S. Air Force said it destroyed 10000 trucks. AC-130J is the fourth generation of the family of products, it will eventually replace the AC-130U and advanced in age weak firepower some AC-130W — in the next few decades, it will continue to hover over the battlefield in long time, ready to provide fire support to the u.s.. U. S. AC-130W "stinger 2" gunship with a 30 mm gun, also can use precision guided bombs and AC-130U "ghost" has 25 mm revolving gun, 40 mm cannon and 105 mm gun. Now retired AC-130H is installed on the 20 mm rotary gun, 40 mm gun and the Department of artillery, and so on.相关的主题文章: