The 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army Lanzhou University Memorial them sorpack


The 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army Lanzhou University Memorial theme activities held in Gansu Huining channel — (Hu Shuangpeng) will be on 30 September, September 30th, the 80 anniversary of Lanzhou University, Baiyin to commemorate the victory of the Red Army theme activities and the Lanzhou University 2016 annual "Long March Walker" realignment ceremony at the Red Army rendezvous site held in huining. The day of the event, guests and teachers and students in the revolutionary martyrs memorial reunion downstairs and flowers, listening to the teachers and students from the Lanzhou University "Long March Walker" social practice team and Huining County of western volunteers on behalf of about "long story", and visited the Lanzhou University and the Baiyin Communist Youth League organized to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march theme exhibition. After the meeting, the distance by the Lanzhou University choir, the fourteenth Middle School of Lanzhou City Symphony Orchestra brings symphonic chorus "Long March suite" was held. With the deduction by the older generation of artists and young students, sing the praises of the China leadership in the Red Army CPC Central Committee Chairman Mao, hardships, brave, selfless and fearless refuse to be cowed or submit, the spirit of the revolution, extolling the legendary China revolution in the history of epic. It is reported that in 2016, the Lanzhou University launched a long march? Firmly follow the party? Youth dream "as the theme of" Long March Walker "summer social practice activities of special activities," Long March Walker "special practice group 83, the Long March 4 relay group, March 9 pioneer regiment, 70 regiment spark long march in 898 the number of people. School of resources and environment, Lanzhou University, Yang Yuquan said: this time to participate in the organization of the school ‘Long March’ activities of great significance, I mainly in Hunan and Jiangxi, two provinces for a period of 20 days of research activities. Through visits and interviews, see some site, looking for some stories, feel the spirit of the long march." He said; "the cradle of the Republic in Ruijin, but the future of the motherland in the US, this is where the school organized an event of significance, we remember the long march is to forget the beginning of the heart, we are on the Long March, is to continue to move forward". Lanzhou University, deputy party secretary Guo Qi pointed out in his speech, the victory of long march of the Red Army left us is not only martyrs with blood, after the war the baptism of the eventful years, is the ideal faith to sacrifice and victory and the national spirit of unremitting self-improvement, never yield in spite of reverses. For hundreds of years, blue spirit generation adults with extremely hard and bitter efforts and Dylan will encourage quality writing "unremitting self-improvement, become an independent school", the spirit and the long march spirit, which supplement. The development of the social activities of the "Long March" of Lanzhou University is the hope of the young students to inherit and carry forward the long march left us precious spiritual wealth. Huining County deputy magistrate Li Jianke said that the long march spirit is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation and the revolution of our ancestors left, reflected the spirit of the long march of the human spirit, the national spirit, the enterprising spirit is always worthy of our admiration and learning treasure, is a great history of contemporary youth constantly refining and studying. To commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the theme of educational practice is an important carrier of morality education, Lanzhou University Youth League actively organize youth Long March, relive the history of the revolution, Dili Qinghai)相关的主题文章: