Ten billion cups were questioned fakes collectors to the end 9c8996


A cup of billions questioned fake collectors: Source: Taiwan Central News Agency reported on the national science and Technology Museum "Cheng Qifeng is the porcelain enamel amazing Exhibition" exhibition of Ming Dynasty questioned 3 famous cup collectors to clarify the fakes, said he is straight to provide exhibits fake media making, Sue must end, let justice he is innocent. The exhibition scene in July 9th debut, which exhibited tens of billions of the Ming Dynasty, the 3 famous cup, was questioned exhibits is fake, "attracted to see the fake" strange voices, hit at the box office, exhibition 11 days without warning in advance of completion of the exhibition. The Ming Dynasty provides 3 famous cup collectors exhibits Bai Yirong also to put forward relevant identification documents to ensure across the 3 famous cup to provide their own is true, he said, he is the Mongolian descendants, these ancestral baby parents in 38 years to flee from the continent Taiwan, the mainland and other professional machines, artificial Forensics, proved to be the real thing. He also said that the media provide deceitful he directed exhibits is a fake, he will sue the end, let justice his innocence. Science and Technology Museum, said the exhibition will be the card is the financial problems of the industry, the museum only leased space, and also signed a contract with the organizers of the book, is not responsible for checking the authenticity of exhibits. The museum and the admissibility of consumer refund, will pay the rent from the sponsor to advance refund, afterwards to the organizers claim. Museum of science and industry pointed out that the exhibition since the launch of only more than 1 thousand visitors, grossing only about 200 thousand yuan, rental and management cost will be about 1000000 yuan, the industry due to make ends meet and early call card. The organizers Xin Xin Culture Communication Company Wang Dewei afternoon appeared in the national science and Technology Museum is clarified, because of financial problems and advance assessments, rather than question the authenticity of the exhibits. "Is the porcelain enamel amazing exhibition 9 in Kaohsiung science and Technology Museum, on display more than 200 pieces of precious ancient Chinese enamel porcelain, known as the 3 famous Ming Dynasty porcelain exhibition together is very valuable, but now that could be a fake. The Central News Agency reporter Cheng Qifeng Kaohsiung photo 105 years in July 9 for the daily color Chenghua cup suspected fake sanqiu. Central News Agency reporter Cheng Qifeng Kaohsiung photo 105 July 9th相关的主题文章: