Taizhou air quality ranked fifth in October


Taizhou air quality ranked fifth in October, the Ministry of environmental protection issued in October the national key areas and the air quality of the 74 cities in 14. The results show that the top 10 cities are: Zhoushan, Fuzhou, Haikou, Huizhou, Taizhou, Xiamen, Yancheng, Lishui, Nantong and. Environmental monitoring department of the Ministry of environmental protection Luo Yi introduction, in October, the national average of 338 prefecture level cities and above the average number of excellent days of 91.3%, an increase of 12.9 percentage points. PM2.5 concentration of 37 micrograms cubic meters, down by; PM10 concentration of 66 micrograms cubic meters, down by 24.1%. The day before, the Taizhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued the "October 2016 Taizhou city ambient air quality report", the monthly report, October 2016, Taizhou nine counties (city, district) the overall excellent rate was 100%. Compared with last month, the number of days in Taizhou rose 6.9%. The optimal number of days was 67.7%, and the number of good days was about 32.3%, the number of days of mild pollution, moderate pollution days, severe pollution days, the number of serious pollution days were all in the range of 0%.相关的主题文章: