Sweetheart Bosco Wong was banned Mandarin to catch a sharp


"Sweetheart" Bosco Wong was banned? Mandarin worry ridicule "sweetheart" Bosco Wong "summer" sweetheart "sweetheart" Bosco Wong and Li Weijia "sweetheart" Bosco Wong, Li Weijia Sina entertainment news is good, the acting is good, good looks, good heart, as thousands of advantages recognized in the eyes of many hundreds of millions of girls in an acting school in Hongkong, men of God born Bosco Wong [micro-blog] but Mandarin slightly worry. On the evening of ten this week, the Hunan TV broadcast of a large group of young girls’ summer show, Bosco Wong, the summer of love, the sixth program, and even opened the speech does not talk to the pattern of the. The sudden silence was immediately followed by a good brother Li Weijia [micro-blog] ridicule: This is because the Mandarin is not ordinary Bosco Wong." Bosco Wong "sweetheart" Summer Games: Mandarin is not common not to utter a single word ridicule ten this Saturday night, Hunan TV summer girl groups variety "summer sweetheart" will come to the party. Following from the studio up to the stage, this week, "summer sweethearts from the studio stage went to the outdoor arena, continue to receive advanced qualified female anchor group variety test, namely through the underwater obstacle race, riding the gym KTV hi reaction ability to sing contest, and swimming pool table grab first this round of games to improve landing game of hearts. As a "help spread messenger" and "game leader, brother Bosco Wong also adhering to the" biggest consistent principle in the end "to help win the sweetheart donut painstakingly. However, it is quite puzzling is that in leading the hearts in the doughnut Games opening ceremony of the red carpet, either in words, or in the action of several other brothers and honey have launched a positive interaction, but Bosco Wong does not speak open mode, just use body language to communicate and to live the audience. Bosco Wong Li Weijia was also not to utter a single word immediately joked: "this is because Zongze mandarin not common at all." For the "summer sweetheart" to try to prove Bosco Wong and Li Weijia good relationship in fact, long before the interview, Bosco Wong bluntly they before participating in the "summer sweetheart" this program is trying to practice Mandarin, specially invited teachers. When it comes to mind whether the other brother Tucao own Mandarin, Bosco Wong didn’t say, "they are kidding me. I don’t mind at all, and this can prove our brothers well, only good relations, will not Tucao in mind." So when we yiyanbuge open Tucao model, Bosco Wong also not care. According to informed sources, in the Games three test before getting started, brothers will also usher in a "fight" for the sweetheart preference. After the session, "workaholic" Bosco Wong will have what dazzling performance? More exciting content, please lock this Saturday at ten pm by the Hunan TV premiere, mango TV broadcast alone "summer."! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章: