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SUV future "participate" three or four line market melee, it reliable? Sohu automobile brand SUV market now is the master clouds, this one and the preference for SUV are not unrelated, in Che Zhejun’s view, this is not what bad things, think, at that time, the European car culture, people will think of the wagon; mentioned the United States, it is a muscle car. If you can think of China SUV, it is not a good thing. After the launch of the Geely bullyear, imperial GS, the launch of a location in the 100 thousand yuan SUV– vision SUV. The first to talk about the vision of SUV itself, can actually see him as a modified Geely GX7, after this change, with the family design language — water ripples and other family face FRET "grille, and looks more like big brother Bo taste. Geely named recently has enough features, from the first to the second imperial B-ray Bo, to the imperial GS, now came to a long-term vision of SUV, although it is apparent that Geely "SUV+ family" of the system, but this name always feel a little too joke. Taillights look somewhat similar to Volvo, but it is one family, it is the reference reference perspective SUV is equipped with two sets of powertrain simulation, 8 speed CVT gearbox 1.8L naturally aspirated engine + Aisin 5MT manual gearbox and 1.3T turbocharged engine + spwp. Two engine output power of the same, as 98kw, but the maximum torque output of the rotation, the engine of 1.8L to 6000rpm in order to achieve the maximum power, while the 1.3T turbocharged engine will be a little earlier, RPM can be achieved when the maximum power, and because of the turbine, the maximum torque (185N· m) it is better than the self-priming engine. Manual version of the model is divided into three models, priced at $74 thousand and 900, $81 thousand and 900 and $87 thousand and 900, CVT version of the model also has three options, priced at $87 thousand and 900, $101 thousand and 900 and $94 thousand and 900. The interior design has no appearance change so much, the suspension system does not use family design language manual version and the CVT version were used before Mcpherson and after the multi link independent suspension, and the manual version of the model turned to the form of mechanical hydraulic power, while using the handbrake parking mode; CVT version is used in the form of electric power. There are also differences in the car, using the foot brake parking mode. In addition to the introduction of manual comfort version of the assembly of 21560 tires, other models are used in the tire of 22565. Tire pressure monitoring system only manual distinguished CVT flagship version and other models can be optional, and this function missed; and keyless entry, keyless start only manual comfortable version and CVT comfortable version of the other models are not optional, optional. Electric sunroof, multifunction steering wheel, radar, cruise control, parking, leather seats, GPS!相关的主题文章: