Super girl night champion Coco Lee help sing new network partner Kenji Wu Wang Jinjin ring 9–


Champion of "super girls" night Coco Lee help sing Wang Jinjin Kenji Wu partner circle 9- Beijing, Beijing, September 1, "Super Girls 2016" finals in the tenth week schedule, will be staged in the evening of September 3rd, the final showdown between the "champion night". With the system, the judges and the host list have been released, the audience is very concerned about the championship this year. It is reported that, for the first time on super finals stage of Coco Lee, and Wang Jinjin will work together to sing "you are my Super Man", caused concern. Super girl Wang Jinjin in the nine months of the calendar, has been to the trend of avant-garde image to dominate the arena, a powerful gas field by fans known as the "Queen of". She has a unique perspective in the interpretation of European and American pop music, singing roar type sexy is get a lot of people like music. The Wang Jinjin and Coco Lee partner, so many users said they look forward to. Kenji Wu as the super girl during the finals of the "old", a puzzling fate and "2016 Super Girls national seventh" of Li Yujie. For the first time as a judge, he praised the original Li Yu, called her "thirty years of a folk singer", invited Li Yu as its creation song lyrics. Since then, Kenji Wu once again boarded the jury and hark back to Li Yu, said: "I have written a song, you word." This week Kenji Wu will return three degrees, and the 9 circle of cooperation, the first to sing this song composed by Kenji Wu, Li rain lyrics of the new single "Shandong girl". Circle 9 as the first song of the song, I feel very honored: I am a rain brother (Li Yu) fans, but also like the song of Kenji Wu." In addition, Shang Wenjie will partner for singing "HALO", the Yellow column and Zhang Xiaoyu will show to "change their".相关的主题文章: