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Shiyan university is a wonderful flower student: the great uncle of the canteen is good at the time of the military training of the University, and the dishes of the university canteen are "strange". Recently, Hubei medical college canteen fresh food: green pepper and egg hot strip, kiwi fruit burning yam, broccoli fried moon cake… Many new novelty dishes lead to new outlook, and students call the "uncle of the canteen good wayward". The college canteen launched 7 God food reporter visits found Hubei Medical College North Garden Restaurant breath launched seven "God of food", green peppers are spicy stewed egg, fried broccoli Kiwi burning yam, moon cake, jelly, candied fruits, burning pitaya Hami Sweet and Sour Pork, chrysanthemum fish. According to the staff of the canteen, the students were robbed in 20 minutes after school from Monday to Friday at noon. Liu Tao, the chief chef of Beiyuan restaurant, told reporters that last year they launched some new dishes, so that Beiyuan canteen fire. A number of new products have been released this year, and are also popular among students. "There are no strict recipes for our new dishes. First consider whether the students like it. At the same time, we encourage chefs to play their creativity and create more new dishes." Liu Tao said, "Beiyuan restaurant is close to students’ dormitories, and there are more students in the dining room. In recent new products, Hami melon grunts are most popular." The high value of kiwifruit burning yam Yan cited onlookers "kiwi fruit brighter color, sweet and sour taste, but also rich in vitamin C; Chinese yam is rich in protein and vitamins, the combination of the two Kiwi burning mountain nice and delicious a pill, new students who are constantly praise." Liu Tao told reporters. Reporters saw the day before yesterday at noon after school, Beiyuan canteen were queuing to buy food students in these wonderful dishes before the window, a line is unusually long, "think of these dishes color value is high, very creative, some of the dishes last year to eat, I feel pretty good, this year a kiwi the mountain is like burning pills, I’ve been eating for two days." Li Xiaoqi, a sophomore at the school of basic medicine, said. Student: some people would like to praise the chefs who are frowning in the college canteen so "willful". How do students see it? “从某种意义上来讲,这也是一种创新,其实很多水果可以作为食材,这些菜搭配奇特,但是不贵,比如西兰花炒月饼只要3.5元一份,菊花鱼5元一份,味道也还可以,我们宿舍的几个人几乎每天中午都过来‘尝鲜’。” Wu Zhongting, a major freshman in medicine and nursing, told reporters. And the new-born Wei hazel said, "to see the name is too wonderful, dare not eat." "Most of these are fruit dish, girls will not rejection, and we have also conducted a lot of research materials, such as pitaya jelly burn this dish, we selected the hearts of pitaya, its nutritional value is higher than the white heart pitaya." A staff member of the cafeteria is introduced by Li. Scavenging "big Chu Shiyan", to see more wonderful content!

十堰高校现奇葩菜 学生:食堂大叔大妈好任性 正值高校军训期间,大学食堂的菜品又“奇”出新高度。近日,湖北医药学院食堂神菜新鲜出炉:青椒鸡蛋烩辣条、猕猴桃灼山药、西兰花炒月饼……众多新奇菜品引新生围观,学生们直呼“食堂大叔大妈好任性”。高校食堂推出7大神菜记者探访发现,湖北医药学院北苑餐厅一口气推出了七道“神菜”,分别是青椒鸡蛋烩辣条、猕猴桃灼山药、西兰花炒月饼、火龙果烧凉粉、蜜汁瓜果、哈密瓜咕噜肉、菊花鱼。据该食堂工作人员介绍,周一至周五中午放学后,这些“神菜”20分钟内就被学生抢光了。北苑餐厅总厨师长柳涛告诉记者,去年他们推出的一些新奇菜品,让北苑食堂火了一把,今年又推出了几份新品,也很受学生们欢迎。“我们推出的新菜并没有严格的菜谱,首先考虑学生是否喜欢,同时,我们还鼓励厨师大胆发挥创造力推出更多的新菜品。”柳涛说,“北苑餐厅离学生宿舍较近,就餐学生相对较多,近期推出的新品中,哈密瓜咕噜肉最受学生欢迎。”猕猴桃灼山药高颜值引围观“猕猴桃色泽鲜丽,口感酸甜,还含有丰富的维生素C;山药含有丰富的蛋白质和维生素,二者结合的猕猴桃灼山药片好看又好吃,也是同学们不停点赞的一道新品。”柳涛告诉记者。前日中午放学后记者看到,北苑食堂已挤满了排队买菜的学生,在这些“奇葩”菜品窗口前,队伍排得格外长,“主要是觉得这些菜颜值高,很有创意,有些菜去年就吃过,感觉还不错,今年推出的猕猴桃灼山药片很赞,我已经连着吃了两天了。”基础医学院大二学生李骁奇说。学生:有人点赞有人皱眉不敢吃高校食堂的大厨们这么“任性”,学生们怎么看?“从某种意义上来讲,这也是一种创新,其实很多水果可以作为食材,这些菜搭配奇特,但是不贵,比如西兰花炒月饼只要3.5元一份,菊花鱼5元一份,味道也还可以,我们宿舍的几个人几乎每天中午都过来‘尝鲜’。”药护专业大一新生吴忠亭告诉记者。而新生魏榛则表示,“看名字就感觉太奇葩,不敢吃。”“这些菜里大多都有水果,女生基本不会排斥,而且我们对食材还进行了一番研究,例如火龙果烧凉粉这道菜,我们选的是红心火龙果,它的营养价值比白心火龙果更高。”食堂一位李姓工作人员介绍。 扫码“大楚十堰”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: