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*ST Rui will soon be trust listing almost a good thing? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! *ST Rui will   recently; trust listing almost a good thing? – trainee newspaper reporter Xing Meng   yesterday, Rui *ST issued an emergency suspension notice. Notice that the China Securities Regulatory Commission mergers and acquisitions of listed companies audit committee will convene a working meeting recently, the issue of shares of *ST Jin Rui to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions.   if approved, as one of the financial assets into *ST Rui Minmetals trust or trust company first entered the year as A stock market. *ST Rui will be yesterday, *ST Rui announcement: the company received a notice on the evening of September 28th Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission, the Commission Chinese listed companies recently held a working meeting will be the merger and reorganization of the audit committee, the purchase of assets of the company issued shares to raise matching funds and related transactions review.   if successful too, Minmetals trust will enter the A-share market A. Different from other trust company, Minmetals trust through *ST Rui curve into the A stock market seems to be more smooth. This also makes its progress has been much concern in the industry. After May 19th, Rui *ST released the restructuring plan, intends to issue a total of about 1 billion 807 million shares to 10.15 yuan shares, the total price of 18 billion 336 million yuan acquisition of shares held by Minmetals Minmetals Minmetals trust 1.86% equity capital of 100% shares, 3.40% shares, Minmetals Minmetals securities the 10.40% equity futures. In July 6th, *ST Rui disclosed the SASAC of the State Council agreed in principle to the overall scheme of Rui technology asset restructuring and related financing announcement. In July 7th,   *ST, held a provisional shareholders meeting to consider the restructuring related to the motion. Trust by participating in the asset restructuring of listed companies through the A shares listed on the phenomenon of It is often seen. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, there are 6 companies including Zhejiang Gold trust, Jiangsu trust, Minmetals trust, Kunlun trust, fortune trust, Hunan trust, proposed by this way curve into the A stock market this year. In September 3 the new progress of removing trust curve listed into the *ST Rui through the restructuring of Minmetals trust, Kunlun trust is also quite smooth progress. In June 30th, *ST jichai jichai shares and disclose the controlling shareholder in the oil group signed a "major asset restructuring framework agreement". In September 6th, *ST jichai released by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement, the board of directors approved the deal, about the company to buy China Petroleum Group capital limited liability company 100% equity and raise matching funds, 5 billion 939 million yuan for capital of Kunlun trust. September 22nd, the Ningbo Banking Regulatory Bureau issued a notice, agreed to approve the Kunlun trust capital increase, after the change of the registered capital of 10相关的主题文章: