Sparrow keep the ratings high stable man play burning brain woman show heartburn (video) cibi


"Sparrow" keep the ratings high stable man play burning brain woman show heartburn sparrow _34 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment Spy Drama "sparrow" broadcast on more than half of the ratings continued to climb, climb the first times. Ratings all the way up at the same time, sparrow reputation has also been recognized by the audience, can be described as a double reputation reputation. With the stars have appeared on the stage, the relationship between the characters of the play becomes more complex, the confrontation between the opposition is increasingly fierce. The story is between the first half, Li Yifeng played Chen Shen, played by Zhang Ruoyun Tang Shanhai and Zhang Luyi Bi Zhongliang as the burning brain game. The latent Chen Shengang wakes up, a series of questions to him; and the airborne Tangshan sea base is not steady, Bi as director Li Zhongliang placed around the eyes of a nail; Tangshan sea hurricane team was to Chen’s life as a dog deep traitor to ask for, if not a buffer zone Xu Bicheng, Chen deep with Tangshan sea long blade blood. But the trouble has always come from rookie agent Xu Bicheng, writer put her as unstable bomb to use every minute of "self" at the same time, a deep sea and Chen Tangshan into an impasse. The man responsible for the burning of brain, the woman responsible for heartburn. Chen and Xu Bicheng is the former Whampoa  deep mentoring, but also have ambiguous lovers can goodbye, she is the wife of Tang Shanhai, the daily operations in the bow to see the rise. Xu Bicheng often backfire, Chen deep will be at the risk of exposure to the shot, this love, love is clearly not so simple. Tang Shanhai is also too deep into the drama, it is divided into bed and sleep with her fake husband, Xu powerless self exposure, he did not die for this self retreat, obviously it is not just as simple as partner colleagues. The love is not love, love not love, sometimes three people without words, a look can crash out countless subtext. With the growth of Xu Bicheng and Chen andconsonance, deep sea of Tangshan gradually stand on the same trenches, become deep combination". This also no wonder, confronted with the reality, expel the Manchus is to restore the priority. Two although one belongs to the Communist Party, one is juntong agent, but the starting point and ultimate mission is the same, namely obtaining key information, obtain the victory of the war, both in public and in private, deep sea and Tangshan Chen of the "United Front" is the right way vicissitudes of life. But in the three seemingly can establish the superiority of 3:1 against Bi Zhongliang, played by Yin Zheng crashing to the Jiangsu provinces, at the moment of action is boiling mud mud. The same is the puppet operations department of the devil, the devil than Bi Zhongliang, Su three, surpasses the. Bi Zhongliang does not allow any person belonging to the extreme pettiness of character, a threat to his position, Su three province belongs to Yazi, be good at creating bite. In accordance with the administrative level, juntong general Su three province is Shanghai District vice mayor, the rank is higher than Bi Zhongliang, into the hand of Bi Zhongliang as a captain, this is called a small temple to the buddha. Vindictive Su three and Bi Zhongliang extreme pettiness of character of this collision, to revitalize the Bi Zhongliang phase, it will be put to death and Jiangsu provinces. Jiangsu provinces to the greatest threat or the sea of Tangshan and Xu Bicheng.相关的主题文章: