Sounds of nature Yang Kun two defeats Huachen Yu challenge wordless song


"Sounds of nature" Yang Kun two straight fight word Song Yu brilliance Sina entertainment news within 24 hours of adaptation of a song "song without words" is a kind of experience? This Sunday evening 21 o’clock, Oriental TV large original music challenge program Haitian sauce "sounds of battle" in the seventh issue, "Teana sing" will not only usher in the Challenger strong incoming, also face the difficulty of the playlist double upgrade. The brilliance Yu [micro-blog] is "unfortunate" drawn a unique style "song without words". The art director Karen Mok [micro-blog] has been very concerned about the challenger’s clothing modeling problem, this time she spent a lot of thought on the stage of artistic creation. I believe this program will give the audience a different aesthetic experience. Can Hua Chenyu do the impossible again? "You adapted my skateboard shoes, all the girls around me, even my mother fell. So I’m here to challenge you. I believe you are my most worthy opponent." On the stage, a very hip hop challenger, Hua Chenyu launched a challenge to this declaration. However, the table and other challenger is hostile to. It really makes people wonder what will among them who to choose as their opponents Huachen Yu? This challenge, "the Divine Comedy" the little prince Huachen Yu drawn a magic song "song without words", which makes him very "guilty" and said: "I have a leg soft feeling." This song has never been any singer on the stage before. Do not know this seemingly impossible task, Hua Chenyu can successfully pass? Yang Kun [micro-blog] two lost even cited dad Tucao: sing how good old lost?" Before the program, Yang Kun with your sweet, next, intersection, see, and many other songs burst burst. In this episode, Yang Kunzhan reveals his "tough guy" on the other side. A tune sings on stage, Yang Kun also exposes his father will keep in front of the TV, pay attention to each period of "voice" battle. But in the face of his son lost two results, but his father can not help but Tucao: you sing very well how old lose ah?" Attracted the audience laugh. Perennial busy busy Yang Kun, in fact, very cherish and his father together every moment. On the stage, he recalled the first time he left home scene: "my father looked at me behind me, I have been walking for a long time, he looked back at the back." After hearing this story, "angels sing" sympathetic. Taiwan stars are rare and recalled the warmth of the family for a moment, also let the audience not to be moved by. To help the challenger to help his uncle Karen Mok, director of the art of the pressure of the accident, Infernal Affairs, the current goddess is still presented to the most beautiful side of the audience. She is wearing youth ponytail, dressed in a gorgeous skirt collocation, shiny diamond stockings, has become the "Teana sing" vitality cheerleaders. And in the stage she inadvertently staged a infernal affairs". He is busy for their own "tinly Team" members of Fei Yuqing "psychological massage air pressure, another head is also very deep clothing problems challengers. This week’s Pastoral dress is Karen Mok)相关的主题文章: