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UnCategorized One factor that can greatly contribute to a quality of voice is correct manner of breathing. There are several breathing exercises for singing that can be done at home and just by practicing with you. This breathing exercise, will relief tension from your body and at the same time sing the phrases and pitch of the song properly. Constant practice and by doing this naturally will have a positive outcome. First and foremost, warming up exercises is the best way to condition yourself as well as your vocals. Lip roll is mostly used in singing warm up because it loosens the lips. Begin this by putting your lips together and exhale such that the air passes through your lips and making them flap. Then, breathe in normally just about thirty seconds. Do this warm up exercise for matter of three to five minutes. Try to maintain this lip roll for as long as you’re comfortable. Appropriate way of inhalation is also one. While you sing, you need to know how to inhale quickly so that your vocals will match with the musical instruments. The technique on how to do this properly is to imagine the air that is heavy and is falling directly in your body. Through this, the sensation of the lungs will be filled with air faster and this is also how you are going to do when you inhale for singing. Consistent exhalation is also one. You can do this by visualizing that you’re blowing a feather in the air. Blow it up for as high as you can. In this way, it conditions your chest and abdomen. At the end of it, you will need to breathe quickly and deeply. This can help you to sing high demanding notes and slow long phrases. Good posture is also one. A good posture will allow you to have a deep and full breath. If you have a stiff or rigid posture and your diaphragm is locked can result to incorrect breathing. One example of exercise in order to have a good posture while singing is to lie down on the floor and put a bundle of books in your stomach. Then, inhale and exhale. While you inhale you will see that the book goes up and if you exhale it goes down also. After this, you will feel some sensation within your body. In summary, proper breathing exercise will help you to be a good singer. Always have a good posture, practice these simple exercises and by doing it regularly for sure you will have smooth and good voice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: