Significance Of Video Conferencing Software In Hospitality


Video-Conferencing The hospitality industry is considered as the most sensible industry, where customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the success or reputation of the hotel. There are lots of hotels, that are giving n number of facilities for the consumers. Even though they are providing rich facilities for the consumers, due to the lack of effective guest of honor, most of them are failing to make the consumers revisit the hotel. This is because of the mis .munication or improper .munication between various departments of the hotel. Right from the consumer check-in the hotel room, it is the responsibility of the hotel management to make the consumer satisfy. In order to do this, there are various departments in the hotel, who must co-ordinate, they are, Housekeeping, Human resource, Kichen, Stewarding Department etc. Lets us consider, if a consumer is already residing in a hotel in a certain location, say Location A. If the consumer is shifting to another location , say Location B and he/she is looking for a hotel ac.modation. Then such hotel administration at location A, can make use of effective video conferencing solution to make the consumer visit their hotel virtually which is at location B. Through this mechanism the consumer will show interest in visiting the same hotel at the other location. In parallel with the upgrading technology, the video conferencing solution is also being upgraded, towards video conferencing software. Initially most of the hotel industry made use of the hardware video conferencing, where the hotel administration is restricted for boardroom conferences. Through the video conferencing software, any of the hotel manager who is on a business tour, then he/she can attend the conference through his/her wireless PC. The video conferencing software requires only, standard PC with minimum of 128 KBPS internet speed and a video conferencing license. As a solution to the query: what are the advantages or benefits that video conferencing solution offers for the hotel industries? The following context exemplifies such details. Make the consumers visit the hotel virtually: The hotel administration, can convince the consumers to visit their hotel, through making the consumer verify all the facilities of the hotel. Through this mechanism, the hotel industries can attract the consumers to visit the hotel. Virtual planning can be done for an event: If a hotel has its auxiliaries at various locations and if an event has to be organized at a particular location. Then the hotel administration can plan for such event by being at the head office. In order to do this the head office officials and the event happening location official must log on to the video conferencing solution. Annual/quarterly/half yearly meeting: All kinds of business meetings can be executed virtually. All the hotel units from various locations can attend the conference by being in their places. Normally in a conference, there is a need for file sharing or presentation is important. The video conferencing software enables the members to share or transfer a file to all or selected members in the conference. The following are the various other advantages of video conferencing software for hotel industries: Can execute training sessions for all the hotel staff, who are employed at various locations. Prepare and share a plan of action for making the guest revisit the hotel. Enhanced consumer satisfaction Cost effective means of attracting the consumers Effective .munication medium for handling multiple events at a time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: