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Travel-and-Leisure Want to show your school spirit while you are out and about? Whether you are traveling on foot, by car, or any number of other forms of transportation, opportunities abound for you to display your college’s logo and colors, so there’s no mistake about where your loyalties lie. It can be a great conversation starter, too. Electric bikes can be a great idea for college students. Your kid may be pressuring you for a car, but the truth is that parking on college campuses is at a premium, and many students end up tacking parking ticket fees onto their ever increasing tuition bills. Many electric bikes are small enough that they can be stored in a student’s dorm room, or in traditional bike storage areas. They can be folded down to take up even less space. Plus, with around 20 miles per charge, they are perfect to get your student just far enough to get to class, grab a few groceries, or head to the movies, without the added pressure of being the one who is always asked for rides. They recharge in a few hours, so there’s not much down time. Already happy with your human powered two wheeler and looking for a way to accessorize? Most colleges have decals in many different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your bike. You might even find a flag that will fit. If you do have a car, college logo accessory options are endless. There are hitch covers, window film, steering wheel covers, license plate frames, even horns that play your school’s fight song. There are floor mats, bug shields, antenna caps, and mudflaps. If by chance there is something that you can think of that isn’t available, there are many stores and .panies that will custom create items for you as well, just ask! Are you running around? Literally? No problem. In cold or warm climes, you can find an array of t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, socks, and windbreakers that show your school’s logo and colors, along with hats and sweatbands. If you’re traveling by plane or train, you can find backpacks, duffle bags, purses, .puter bags, and tote bags that show off your school spirit. Toss in a college logo robe and some slippers to feel totally at home on the road. No matter how you get there, you can show the world you’re a fan! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: