Shenzhen man to pay 20 thousand tuition payments to find tricky cornered txplatform


Shenzhen man to pay 20 thousand tuition payments to find tricky cornered pay 18800 yuan tuition but what have learned? The 27 year old Zhang Yifan still unemployed, the monthly payment of education loans of nearly 2000 yuan, the training institutions refused to return the tuition, almost let him cornered. After investigation, the person involved in the training institutions still belong to the school of Xi’an DIO Software Co., Ltd. Shenzhen branch, does not have the qualifications for teaching, media exposure has been several times, but now they are still recruiting students, but they are still in the. Zero Yuan school saddled with tens of thousands of loans in April 10, 2016, Zhang Yifan came home from Yunnan, Shenzhen. He was born in a single parent family, after graduating from high school he ran around, I have done a lot of work, light industry, heavy industry, but also to help people take care of Taobao shop……" Later I heard that the IT industry relatively high wages, their relatives also engaged in the computer industry has produced a monthly salary of over a million, the idea of change. Subsequently, Zhang Yifan enrolled in the Shenzhen School of software programming training courses. On the website advertisement "zero yuan admission, the free trial class, has the cooperation with the national 108 enterprises, after graduation may recommend the work" and so on the condition, has attracted Zhang Yifan’s vision. When he stood at the gate of the Shenzhen school, surrounded by teachers, his heart was very happy. Subsequently, he attended the Shenzhen school offers free classes. In April 26th, with the Xi’an branch of DIO Software Co., Ltd. Shenzhen branch signed a "training contract" and "student employment service agreement". Because there is not enough money, he returned to the school for the Baidu wallet education loans, a total of 18800 yuan, 18 return, principal and interest totaling more than 30 thousand yuan. Contract signed between Shenzhen and the school. Yu Yao photo in April 26th, a total of 23 students enrolled in the school, they are known as the development of the class of the class, they are the group of the second batch of students in the class of three. Every day at 9 in the morning, Zhang Yifan and other students in the classroom to meet, after the end of the afternoon at the end of the course, they can choose to study in the classroom or go home. September, the development of three classes of students are about to graduate, in the face of employment, the students have encountered problems. According to a 5 month training lecturer Zhang Yifan and another Dengxing students, most of the students in the class has been unable to obtain employment. Zhang Yifan said: "I do not know how to write the resume, even through the interview can not pass the probation period." The training is divided into three stages, the first stage in the completion of the class after school for the development of three classes for a teacher. The quality of their teaching problems, 4 and a half months for the 5 teachers. Originally agreed, a teacher to teach in the end." Zhang Yifan told reporters. According to Zhang Yifan and Dengxing students said, in a period of four months of teaching time, almost no more than a month for their class teacher, the school issued the three thin materials, Zhang Yifan has been over countless times. When there is no teacher in class, Zhang Yifan and the development of the three classes of students will search the Internet free learning video self-learning programming. Joe相关的主题文章: