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Shenyang held the 67 anniversary of National Day Concert – Liaoning channel: original title: Shenyang held the 67 anniversary of National Day Concert organized by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Korean culture and Art Museum hosted, ethnic Symphony Orchestra "Shenyang city celebrates the 67 anniversary of China Symphony Concert, held in September 29th Shengjing concert hall. Korean culture and Art Museum of Shenyang city in May 2015 established the national minority Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Wu Dongyan served as the head, mechanism innovation in social culture, to the management of volunteers, to absorb a large number of Shenyang high level of ethnic music talent, provides a broad stage to enhance the artistic taste and artistic accomplishment, cultural exchange and the performance for music lovers the city of ethnic minorities. The group has nearly 100 members, including the national level of 18 players, the level of two players, most of the actors through professional training and training of the eight. The orchestra was founded a year ago, hard rehearsal, and constantly improve the performance level and now can play songs for many excellent performances at home and abroad, multi field public concert for Shenyang people welcome and praise. The show by the national command, former vice president of Liaoning opera Meng Xin command. Accompanied by a symphony concert "red song" and "passion burning years" kicked off, "light cavalry" "my heart", a song of China classical music, led the audience into the rich and colorful world of music. (reporter Chen Fengjun Li Hao (photo): gentle filial piety, commissioning editor Tang Long)相关的主题文章: