Shen Teng exposes the Xia Luo after the film about the money is appropriate, the work is not appropr


After Shen Teng exposes "Charlotte" about: the money is right, work is not appropriate – Beijing Shen Teng Beijing in November 24, the reporter was informed that the "Idol" on Friday will be the aunt sauce (November 25th) in Shen Teng far, Alan, Du Xiaoyu, often consisting of "happy twist four cheap". Whether the big screen or on the stage are more and more fast in the field of four "high-profile" show up, Shen Teng said after the movie version of "Sherlock" at the box office will pay high worry about constantly, but did not make a movie by Shen Teng said and asked the reason to the occasion, said many the opportunity is "money is very appropriate, but the work is not appropriate." After Shen Teng "Charlotte" from the big screen that is not a question of money just Shen Teng The couple joy in their marriage. on Friday to join the happy twist brothers often far and Alan, Du Xiaoyu appeared on the network "Idol" aunt sauce on variety, cause love double harvest of Shen Teng and his wife entered the scene revealed has prepared pregnant state. The program asked Sherlock "worry" will be less after the success of a movie, after Shen Teng admitted to the big screen "fire" was indeed the capital, worth double, continue to play about to come, but were refused their. The host quipped: "money is inappropriate?" Shen Teng immediately retorted: money is very appropriate!" There are a lot of feelings added: "before you have seen any big money." However, the final settlement can not compromise or not works." He said he could not compromise on the work, did not meet the appropriate "book" has become the "Xia Luo" after the film did not have a direct reason for the film. The scene is as happy twist endurance team is the first "Idol" show aunt sauce should face a dilemma, hope that their children are the endurance and speed "choice, Shen Teng not hesitate to choose the" Endurance ", said both experience into their own development, or happy the twist is always go is endurance line. Since last year produced the box office hit "Sherlock" after the troubles, happy twist success from the drama stage among the film industry, this should spare no effort to catch up and down twist follow up a victory with hot pursuit, but after a lapse of a year before the launch of the second movie "donkey water". Although the audience is said to be "Sherlock trouble," the brother of the article, but in addition to adaptation is from the drama, regardless of the cast or story style are different. No stars and big production, relying on work dedication and pursuit, won the reputation bumper box office, Shen Teng said, compared to the immediate interests, twist team pays more attention to the quality of the work. This is precisely confirms the happy twist go "endurance line steady". It is reported that this Friday (November 25th) "Idol" on Youku broadcast to aunt sauce. (end)相关的主题文章: