Shao Pei cat on the sofa in the design of back channel Myolie Wu are intimate –


Shao Pei cat on the sofa in the design of back channel Myolie Wu are intimate – Beijing Dazhong entertainment in late September 27th 22 Anhui TV joint beiwen media together to create the all star Home Furnishing transformation life service programs "in the" fourth star change it warm struck. The famous movie star Myolie Wu at the scene, not only bring the bedroom renovation needs, for the first time to talk about "private life". Since the method of the use of psychological suggestion, clever psychology into the decoration, and in one fell swoop for Yang Wei and Yang Yangyang — heart disease do not eat, "change it has a" Star "in the male god designer" said Shao Pei, become the focus of many netizens sought after, many people said in the message, Shao Pei not only handsome, more important is to pay attention to the details, and psychology into the interior decoration, the surprise; and last night, Myolie Wu guest star in "change it", but also to experience our "God" designer Shao Pei "Shao style decoration aesthetics" to Myolie Wu left a deep mark quite warm. Shao Pei using psychology, science and technology, lighting and other elements tailor-made for Myolie Wu "Haiyangzhixin" full house, people find everything fresh and new! Myolie Wu blew the eight domestic cat cat "Shao Pei to design small channels as TVB had a sister, in recent years, Myolie Wu spent most of the time transfer to the mainland. So there is also a small home in Beijing, Myolie Wu, however, has not been satisfied with the bedroom in Beijing home, because of work reasons, there is little time to take care of. So, Shao Pei with a theme called "Haiyangzhixin" the home of Myolie Wu to create a warm, warm, warm home! The same day, Shao Pei also show God style, a year Zi pants, shoulder oblique muscular in the shoulder, small black vest off muscles Shao Pei, absolutely staged a "sexy", it is no wonder that just a start, the host Zhou Qun romantic idea — I love straight from the heart Shao pei! In the program, Myolie Wu burst out, his home has eight lovely kittens, she is also a love for them. Based on this unique, Shao Pei "meow star people" to create a group for them to play and jump up and down the back and forth lattice combination in the corner, let the people feel intimate, Shao PEI for cats on the sofa cleverly create a "tunnel", so that the cat can not only from tunnel drill directly to Myolie Wu’s side, and on the edge of the sofa, there is a small hole, let the cats out of a small head, and sat on the sofa, Myolie Wu directly play, let Myolie Wu feel intimate, Shao Pei is still the hidden parts of the sofa, creating a "toilet" in the space for the cat who litter baskets, so as to solve the space problem, also let the cats in the "toilet", with an absolute private space! This trick one, is really amazing! Shao Pei staged a "magic magic Jiezhuang" to create "succulents painting" program, Shao Pei has always stressed that the theme is his "heart of the ocean", this is a love story, is a life of elegant interpretation, so comfortable and taste become the theme of Shao pei. The elegance and romance is the most dazzling illustration for the theme. Shao Pei and so started rich imagination,;相关的主题文章: