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Secret Game "catch the teacher": the monthly income is only two thousand or three thousand yuan to play to the League of legends, warcraft…… The market for these sorts of games let the game player were unable to stop, some people even want to play 24 hours a day bubble inside, but by the amount of work or complicated academic obstacles. But there is one kind of person in this world. Every day is playing games. "You’re playing and doing this line, you know it’s not fun to imagine." Game test engineer Yuan Ming described his occupation: "a game demo and repeatedly found defective, massive write report, staying up late is often anxiety and insomnia, homely food, this is our game" catch the teacher "in daily life experience." 4 years of boring "play" the same game Yuan Ming has been engaged in the online game for 9 years, in 2011 he became a professional game test engineer. "My daily job is to find the Bug in the game." He said somewhat wearily. Because like online games, after graduating from college to find a game related to the work, the hobby into a daily job. "When you take interest as a job, you lose an interest." Yuan Ming said some helplessly. As a game test engineer, Yuan Ming must thoroughly understand the function of the product before testing it, and test it to check whether there is Bug in the software, and how to write the corresponding test report. "The game", and have to understand, sometimes only one operation may be repeated hundreds of times." Yuan Ming introduced that game test engineers play the role of quality management in a game company, and repeat the error correction to ensure that products meet user needs after online. For 5 years as a game test engineer, he was testing the same game for 4 years. "When you test a game over and over again, you don’t think it’s fun, it’s a more painful and boring job." Yuan Ming said that after the completion of the first round of tests, there are second rounds, three rounds or even fourth rounds of tests. During the first round of tests, we should constantly communicate with programmers and describe the causes and consequences to the programmers until defects are restored. Love is not to "loaded" with love Xiao Zhou Game Test Engineer for 3 years. He said that in the game test, in addition to the discovery of Bug, there is a very deep understanding of market positioning, players’ taste and so on. Xiao Zhou introduced, and some can be used for data analysis, some need to rely on the usual accumulation and understanding of the game, after the game variety, and difference to everyone’s taste, and the game engineer personal preferences can not represent the popular game or not. "You need to change and think, put yourself in the position of the user, think of yourself as a different player." Xiao Zhou said, the tester must abandon their own subjective consciousness, even if not love this game, also have to force yourself to love. Consider what the user likes, not what you like. "Sometimes the role plays more, and the personality is split." Xiao Zhou said, as a hobby and doping together, often brings a shock, the former attractive picture also is not so cute. He said, after he has been doing testers, rarely take the initiative to play Mobile Games, because the contact in the test of the game too much, what types are seen, but lose interest, "we once joked that if anyone is Mobile Games severe lovers, to do this to ensure the Mobile Games soon quit." Pressure, patience and carefulness are most important. Maybe many people feel that becoming a game tester is a game player. But Yuan Ming told reporters that in fact, patience and carefulness are the most important. He explained that a game tester needs to fulfill the requirements of the game company according to the standard. It is not important if it is not a high hand. The job is too repetitive, and it’s hard to stick with it without enough patience. "Once to test whether the props in the game are fluent or not, repeat an action 200 times to the state of wanting to puke at the screen." Yuan Ming said, in addition to the extraordinary patience in testing process, care is also very important, because in turns test, we can find only careful enough in the game, "continuous testing for a month for a period of time, almost every night to sleep at two or three, too much pressure." The job is not only playing, it is work doing game testing so hard, a lot of people think that the salary should be good. Yuan Ming introduced that different companies adopt different performance appraisal systems, some of them perform performance appraisal, while some small businesses are in the stage of entrepreneurship, which is basically fixed wages. "Generally speaking, the net game test is only about 2000~3000 yuan a month, and staying up late is commonplace, because the network at night is the most stable." Yuan Ming bitterly, if a part-time job manager, the annual salary can reach about 120 thousand yuan. Although the job is monotonous and stressful, the career of a game test engineer is still attractive to many young people. "We have some players who want to turn to be a game tester. In their view, our work is relaxed and free, and the most important thing is to play different online games at the first time." Yuan Ming reminded the young people who wanted to go, and if they wanted to take the game as a career, they needed to think twice. Because it’s a job, after all, not just sitting there playing games.

揭秘游戏“捉虫师”:玩到想吐 月入仅两三千元英雄联盟、魔兽……市面上这些各种各样的网游让玩家们欲罢不能,有人甚至想一天24小时泡在里面尽情玩,无奈却被大量的工作或繁杂的学业所牵绊。可这世上偏偏就有一种人,每天的工作就是玩游戏。“玩到你想吐,做了这一行,才知道没有想象中有趣。”游戏测试工程师袁鸣这样形容自己的职业:“一款游戏反复试玩并发现缺陷,写出海量报告,熬夜是家常便饭,经常焦虑并且失眠,这就是我们游戏‘捉虫师’的日常生活体验。”枯燥4年“玩”同一款游戏袁鸣从事网游行业已有9年,2011年他成为了一名职业游戏测试工程师。“我每天的工作主要是找出游戏中的Bug。”他有些疲惫地说。因为喜欢网游,大学毕业后找了份和游戏相关的工作,就把爱好变成了日常工作。“当你把兴趣作为工作时,你就失去了一项兴趣。”袁鸣有些无奈地说。作为一个游戏测试工程师,袁鸣必须在游戏正式上线之前,深入理解产品的功能,并对其进行测试,检查软件中有没有Bug,稳定性如何,并写出相应的测试报告。“这款游戏的边边角角,里里外外都得吃透,有时候仅一项操作可能就要重复上百遍。”袁鸣介绍,游戏测试工程师在一家游戏企业里,担当的是“质量管理”的角色,反复纠错,确保上线后产品满足用户需求。成为游戏测试工程师的5年时间里,其中4年,他都在测试同一款游戏。“当你反复测试一款游戏时,你就不会觉得那么好玩了,其实是一个比较痛苦枯燥的职业。”袁鸣说,首轮测试完成后,还需要进行第二轮、第三轮甚至第四轮测试,其间还要不停地和程序员沟通,向程序员描述清楚成因和结果,直到缺陷一一修复。迎合不喜欢还“装”着喜欢小周做游戏测试工程师已有3年。他说,在游戏测试中除了发现Bug,还需对市场定位、玩家的口味等有相当深入的了解。小周介绍,有些可以用数据分析,有些需要依靠平时的积累和对游戏的理解程度,毕竟游戏种类繁多,每个人的口味又存在差异,而游戏测试工程师的个人喜好不能代表游戏受欢迎与否。“你需要换位思考,设身处地的站在用户的立场上想,把自己想象成不同的玩家。”小周说,测试员必须摒弃自己的主观意识,即使不喜欢这款游戏,也必须强迫自己去喜欢。考虑用户喜欢的是什么,而不是自己喜欢的是什么。“有时候角色扮演多了,都快人格分裂了。”小周苦笑道,当一份爱好与工作掺杂在一起的时候,往往给人带来的是一种冲击,昔日充满吸引力的画面也显得不那么可爱了。他笑言,在做测试员后,他已经很少主动玩手游了,因为在测试中接触的游戏太多,什么类型都见过了,反而就失去了兴趣,“我们曾经开玩笑说,如果有谁是手游重度爱好者,来做这个保证要不了多久就戒手游了。”抗压耐心和细心最重要也许很多人觉得,成为一名游戏测试员,一定是游戏高手才行,但袁鸣告诉记者,其实扛得住压力,有耐心和细心才是最重要的。他解释道,游戏测试员需要按照标准完成游戏公司的要求,是不是高手并不重要。这项工作重复性太高,如果没有足够的耐心很难坚持下去。“曾经为了测试游戏中的道具是否流畅好用,重复一个动作200遍,已经到对着屏幕就想吐的状态。”袁鸣说,除了在游戏测试过程有超凡的耐心,细心也很重要,因为在轮番测试中,只有足够细心才能发现游戏中的缺陷,“有段时间连续测试一个月了,几乎每天晚上都是两三点睡觉,压力太大了。”敬业不光是玩,是工作做游戏测试如此辛苦,不少人以为这份工作薪资应该不错。袁鸣介绍,不同公司采取的考核制度不同,有的会进行绩效考核,而有的小公司处在创业阶段,基本就是固定工资。“大致而言,单纯做网络游戏测试,一个月收入在2000~3000元左右,而且熬夜是家常便饭,因为夜间的网络最稳定。”袁鸣苦笑道,如果兼职做产品经理,年薪才能达到12万元左右。尽管这份工作单调枯燥压力大,但游戏测试工程师的职业对于很多年轻人来说,还是很有吸引力的。“我们有一些玩家就想转行做游戏测试师,在他们看来,我们的工作轻松又自由,最重要的是能在第一时间玩不同的未上线游戏。”袁鸣提醒打算入行的年轻人,如果想把游戏测试作为职业,需要三思而后行。因为这毕竟是一份工作,而不光是坐在那里打游戏。相关的主题文章: