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Samsung took out third party test results confirmed that the Department of   Note7 – induced spontaneous combustion in external Yunnan channel — original title: Samsung took out third party test results confirmed that the Department of external to the National Bank Note7 what is the product of spontaneous combustion or human factors? The whirling Samsung Note7 country line explosion yesterday, Samsung issued a statement released new evidence that the authority of the third party on the burning loss of the mobile phone display detection system, external thermal shock caused by burning loss of mobile phone. Samsung took out third party report after the bombing, Samsung has released a survey of mobile phone recycling, and the conclusion and the battery supplier ATL, said mobile phone battery explosion and independent of external heat source lead. But because of this conclusion drawn by Samsung, its authenticity has been questioned. After the bombing of the user requirements of the third party testing agencies to come to a conclusion. In the latest statement yesterday, Samsung finally took out third party report. In a statement, Samsung said: under the premise of obtaining the user’s permission, we combine the battery supplier and the third party authority to detect the problem of a comprehensive inspection of the product. At present, some of the initial recovery of the product test results show that there is no evidence of internal combustion. At the same time, in line with the principle of openness and fairness, we also entrust domestic and foreign authoritative testing organizations Chinese tarfa Laboratory (CTTL) and Exponent lab testing again. All the testing results indicate that the site is not burning in the battery inside the battery area, found no obvious signs of breakage, the presumption system external heat shock induced ignition loss of mobile phone. This result is consistent with our preliminary results. For other products we have received a burning problem, we will carry out the relevant testing in line with the same principles, will also be reported to the relevant government departments and timely disclosure of relevant test results." Express apology to consumers Samsung also said that other consumers to reflect the loss of Note7 mobile phone contact customer service hotline (4008105858) as soon as possible, there will be someone to answer and deal with related issues. Samsung will entrust Third Party authorities to conduct detailed testing of the issue of the phone, and will be in line with the principle of openness and transparency in a timely manner to announce the results of the test. It is understood that one of the CTTL Samsung announced third party inspection agency is the national testing agencies Ministry of the responsible products in the domestic mobile phone network license test, is the most authoritative mobile phone detection mechanism. According to CCTV reported earlier, CCTV reporter had to report second country fried user contact tarfa Laboratory for testing, but the two bombing master finally refused to. The reporter understands, Samsung the submission for the country the third fried fried and several other mobile phone, mobile phone Samsung explosion could not recovery. "Several other fried machine users can not contact or by Samsung, detected by the media contact CTTL, after all, accept more product testing, it can be more clear." Some analysts said. In addition, in a statement, Samsung apologized to consumers: "for the recent occurrence of Note7 recall and fuel loss events to bring us all the trouble and worry, because of us相关的主题文章: