Samsung September sales fell 40% rush S8 bailout pressure Alexander cancam


Samsung September sales fell 40% rush S8 bailout pressure Alexander Note7 the cause of the fire is still unknown? Samsung S8 Samsung Alexander rescue work in September sales down 41%, down 40% share, customer to local brand global sale and recall GalaxyNote7 while Samsung, Samsung Nandu reporter learned from the global mobile phone battery mobilize manpower to resolve the real reason behind the burning loss, and intensify the development of GalaxyS8. In the day before the announcement of the sale of Note7, Samsung Electronics Engineers in China were sent to South Korea on business: support for Galaxy  S8 development. According to sources, Samsung S8 listed on the schedule in advance, no doubt for the blank Samsung in the high-end market after delisting for Note7. But Nandu reporter learned from sources close to Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics Korea engineers did not find the cause of combustion. Although this argument has not been officially confirmed by Samsung, but it makes the Samsung S8 stepped up planning to release the shadow of doubt. Note7 cause of the fire is still unknown? From September 2nd, Samsung initially stressed state line version of N  ote7 battery safety, Chinese mainland products not included in the recall, September 19th to insist that the mobile phone battery safety combustion is due to "external heating lead", and then to October 11th finally announced a global recall and sale. Samsung’s attitude in 40 days for a sudden turn for the worse? According to the New York Times, although Samsung has deployed hundreds of engineers to solve the problem, but until today still do not know the crux of the problem. Served as the South Korean electronics research institute, Center for advanced battery ParkChul-w  an said, he checked the Korean regulatory documents, and conducted exchanges with Samsung engineers, "Samsung will be the crux of the problem is due to the premature battery. Compared with any other mobile phone that the company produces, Galaxy  N  ote  7 has more features and more complex. In order to catch up with Apple Corp, Samsung to the phone ‘stuffed’ so much innovation, so that it becomes uncontrollable." Nandu reporter learned from the sources near Samsung Electronics was also informed that Samsung Electronics Korean engineers did not find the cause of the burning. However, the source also said that Samsung Electronics in the United States, India also has R & D center, South Korea’s R & D center news is not true. Is there really no reason to burn? Samsung (China) said that the Samsung Electronic announcement shall prevail. So Samsung eventually decided to recall and stop the global N  ote7, whether the default to overturn the previous argument – such as combustion is due to external heating, line version of the battery safety, etc.. In this regard, Samsung Electronics said that in the absence of authoritative identification results came out, Samsung decided to take the initiative to make a recall. There are mobile phone hardware engineers in the south are reporters pointed out that Samsung is a kind of public opinion or attitude change相关的主题文章: