Russian media Russia was pleased to elect Trump China is very restrained reaction


Russian media: Russia is very happy Trump was elected China reaction restraint original title: Russian media: Russia is pleased China Trump was elected response was very restrained [Global Times special correspondent in Russia Cheng Yu Zhang Xueting Global Times special correspondent Liu Yupeng   Russian media tries to guess the future of Sino US relations. Russia’s "business man" 11 Daily reported that Russia was pleased to elect Trump, but China’s response is very restrained. Russian experts believe that Trump will change the direction of the current foreign policy priorities, China may replace Russia as the main u.s.. The Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Rome experts Ivanov said, in order to protect the American market, Trump is likely to depress the China market, it will be a heavy blow to the economy China. With the United States as China’s main rival will give Russia the lifting of sanctions and the gradual recovery of new opportunities for relations with the west. By then, the United States may try to contain China’s support for russia. But there are Russian experts hold different views on this. Russian newspaper "independent" reported on 11, Trump was elected to Chinese, is quite satisfactory, if Hilary is elected will continue to implement the Obama regime’s Asia Pacific policy, which can easily lead to a direct conflict between China and the us. German defense minister Feng De Ryan released Thursday called on MR Trump to take a firm stance on Russia, "Trump should be clear on what side — he is standing in the truth, the world order and the Democratic side, or busy setting up a friendship between men". European and American media may make us Russian relations become "too close" unease about Trump. "Washington Post" and NBC recently published an article that Russia recognized experts contacted the Trump camp during the general election of staff, although Trump and Putin have denied, but who still doubt the Russian government spy camp there may interfere in the election. The British "Daily Telegraph" said 10 U.S. allies in Europe, especially the NATO country, began to worry about the close relations between the United States and Russia will affect the security issues in the Asia Pacific and the Atlantic region. The relationship between Russia and the United States will not be like many Russians expect that there will be a big change dramatically, "Academy of Russian Eastern Europe and Central Asia Research Institute researcher Wu Enyuan of the" Global Times "said that although Trump did during the campaign to Russian overtures — such as affirmed Putin’s ability to support Russia’s policy in Crimea. But when he came to power, all policies ultimately represent the interests of the United States, in order to suppress Russia in the interests of the United States, this will not change. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: