Rich handsome with gambling lose bankrupt as million swallow 54 poison pill segotep


Rich handsome with gambling lose bankrupt million yuan to swallow the 54 poison pill original title: 10 thousand yuan reward man swallow 54 grain heroin poison pill nuclear power plant employees, a monthly salary of thousands, a young, rich handsome…… This is the Shenyang people Zhang body label. He has to rush into danger ten thousand yuan reward, swallow 54 tablets of heroin poison pill in Yunnan, drugs will be shipped to Xi’an through the body. It’s all because he’s addicted to gambling. With gambling lose bankrupt rich handsome 26 year old Zhang is Shenyang people, after graduating from college, working in a nuclear power plant, wages are much higher than their peers. Worked for four or five years, there are deposits of $about 300000. Then the eyes of Zhang in the relatives and friends is rich handsome: the monthly salary of thousands of young, noble and dignified. Can climb on the right track in life, in 2013, Zhang likes gambling. Just two years, he became a gambler, not only will accumulate more than 30 yuan squandered, but also owed a debt ass. Creditors every day to pay the rent, his parents live frugally for him. Zhang said that the days of his life, in addition to gambling is used, no work unit will also be dismissed. Poison 3 hours swallow 54 tablets of heroin pill lost his job back with a gambling, Zhang would like to quickly earn money. In November 1st this year, he stumbled on the Internet to find a way to get rich quickly. He did not know who it is, only in accordance with the guidelines for online contacts came to Yunnan, know this method was through rich concealment, from Yunnan to Xi’an for drug transport. In the face of huge debts, in a drug 10 thousand yuan reward temptation, Zhang lost his mind, never had contact with drugs, he chose to rush into danger. More than 350 grams of drugs wrapped in plastic paper into 54 small pills, Zhang spent 3 hours before the pill will be swallowed up in the 54, plastic paper and even scratched his esophagus. In the end of the online contacts under the remote control, in November 4th, Zhang arrived by train from Kunming, Xi’an. Caught by checkpoints flustered yesterday, Metro Police Bureau self Road police station said, 9 o’clock that night, the police on the road in the vicinity of self-improvement routine inventory, passing Zhang slightly nervous, caused police attention. "Questioning, he looks nervous, vague language. We brought him back to the police station for further investigation, he confessed from Yunnan to Xi’an by way of drugs in vivo drug trafficking, the drug was still in his body." After X light detection, Zhang abdominal cavity has a large number of 3cm× 1cm foreign body. November 5th at 2 in the afternoon, Zhang finally wrapped with plastic paper, a total of more than 350 grams of more than 54 grams of heroin pills discharged from the body. Zhang confessed to the crime on their own. At present, the police are still digging down on drug-related cases. China Daily reporter Xie Tao editor: SN222相关的主题文章: