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UnCategorized Information technology forms the backbone of nearly every industry in today’s global economy. Everything from customer profiles to financial information and even medical records are stored and utilized for core business functions, not to mention the many network functions that keep .panies running. Data protection solutions are absolutely essential for maintaining business continuity. These solutions protect trade secrets and sensitive information, and serve as a foundation for disaster recovery planning and execution. Beyond business continuity and disaster recovery, data protection solutions are also an important .ponent of record retention and accessibility. Government and industry regulations exist for a number of industries that deal with sensitive information such as client records. Additionally, many .panies have trade secrets and proprietary information that needs to be kept accessible for authorized users while at the same time remain encrypted against theft and malicious activity. The network systems and .munication devices themselves have to be safeguarded as well to maintain normal business operations, along with being responsive in the face of loss or disaster. Robust and responsive data protection solutions will be able to satisfy encryption and protection needs, file retention and recordkeeping, and business continuity and disaster recovery. Effective and Responsive Safeguards Sadly, the prevailing attitude towards security seems to be an afterthought, with safeguards being bolted on top of existing systems and legacy applications. In reality, security features and procedures have to grow, change, and respond to the current business climate and IT implementations. An up-to-date system of safeguards will prove itself in the face of catastrophic loss or malicious users. Like an insurance policy, it is most needed before disaster strikes and of little use afterward. In short, effective disaster recovery and business continuity demand up-to-date security protocols and procedures. If a .pany’s data protection solutions have not been reevaluated, revised, and upgraded, then all of the files and systems underneath are vulnerable to loss or .promise. Key Aspects of Safe Data IT security is a multi-faceted discipline, requiring .prehensive systems and robust implementations. Corporate data growth averages between 50% and 80% annually, so a safeguard protocol that is effective today will have to change and grow for tomorrow. Virtualization and cloud .puting provide the opportunity for dynamic scalability of resources and services in order to meet growing demand. Managed services such as remote back up, distributed .puting, and IT infrastructure management provide both redundant layers of fail safes along with scalable resources. Regulatory .pliance mandates that records be retained for certain time frames. Keeping information and files secure and accessible for the necessary amount of time is just as important as the original meticulous record keeping. Both federal and industry regulatory structures, such as HIPPA, can span across industries ranging from legal to financial to healthcare. Even credit card .panies are required to follow strict privacy policies. Effective data protection solutions are the backbone of record retention and disaster recovery in the face of catastrophic loss. Encrypted and Effective Systems All of the IT resources that a .pany uses to run their core business functions are assets. Data protection solutions are also part and parcel of effective asset utilization and operational efficiency. IT systems that are vulnerable or constantly require maintenance to recover from loss or crashes are ultimately ineffective and can be more of a drain rather than an effective resource. Keeping information and network .munication up and running, secure from tampering, and resistant to file loss is paramount for operational efficiency. When systems do experience downtime, disaster recovery and business continuity play an important role in ensuring this downtime doesn’t be.e the downfall of the .pany. Minimizing downtime is vital for keeping a business running effectively. In the case of disasters, whether they are unique, regional, or global, the first .pany that can resume operations will often .e out in a strong position. In fact, 60% of .panies never fully recover from catastrophes. It is difficult to say one’s data is safe without effective, robust, and up-to-date disaster recovery and business continuity plans. Finally, data protection solutions also provide a .prehensive sensitive file inventory. By focusing on critical and sensitive information, monitoring the security of essential files second nature. Being able to quickly react to changing circumstances is a hallmark of effective safeguards. Overall, data protection solutions provide numerous benefits beyond simple file security. Reliable systems are the foundation of business continuity, disaster recovery, record retention, asset utilization, operational efficiency, and information accessibility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: