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Rescue 80 hours did not see why the boy fell wells can not detect signs of life? Sohu news November 9th, Hebei Baoding Meng Changcun, boys fall well fourth, the rescue plan originally was overturned, cylinder wall is smooth thread instead of. Firefighters into the barrel, the earth will be crushed with a basket on the ground. Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang photo firefighters will crush the earth with a basket on the ground, slowly approaching the bottom. 8, Cong grandpa has been waited at the scene, holding blocks often play the child before the accident. Prior to the rescue program was overthrown, the threaded wall of the cylinder was replaced by a smooth wall cylinder. Last night, love people bring baozi, Steamed Buns, soup and other food, participate in the rescue of the police is to eat dinner. November 6th 11 am, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun 6 year old boy followed his father in the Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped the well. 9 evening, the rescue carried out to the fourth day, the relevant departments and social forces have been over 80 hours rescue. The presence of medical staff, about two meters away from the bottom, the medical staff also went to the wellhead, ready to first aid. But as of 0 am today, the boy has not been found. The cracks exist danger dangers from the 6 year old boy Cong fall well has been more than 72 hours golden rescue Wu Sujie, deputy magistrate of Lixian County County standing committee, told the Beijing News reporter, said at the rescue site, crack security hidden danger has been ruled out, the rescue method is rim sedimentation rescue, according to statistics, as of the morning of November 9th. Well, the surrounding has been dug 120 meters in diameter pit, about 200000 cubic meters of earth. When the rescue work carried out at 9, 10:30, the presence of the staff found that the rescue work site earthwork appeared cracks, there is a great risk of collapse, firefighters immediately raised the alarm. Responsible for large machinery in Luqiao a responsible person said that the field command decided to expand the work surface, to determine the causes of cracks, subsidence or lead to sand excavator, on-site evacuation of all personnel, part of the excavator will be withdrawn. Until 12 in the afternoon, the cracks were repaired, the construction workers to return to the location of the work, the scene to continue the manual excavation. In the rescue of the Zhili rescue team captain Wang Xiaodong introduced, the staff arranged a lot of time whether there are cracks on the operating surface and inspections, timely warning, no safety accident occurs now, that the place related prevention work. Analysis of China University of Geosciences Institute of Technology Engineering Professor Luo cloud, because of the depth of excavation is larger, more need to pay attention to the collapse of the hidden trouble in the first place, should ensure the safety of rescue personnel, but it will also cause the slow progress of the rescue. Medical staff down to the wellhead Rescue Department previously, according to rescue personnel, rescue work is still about 6 meters away from the bottom of the hole. On the morning of November 9th, the blue sky rescue team captain Pang Zhi to the Beijing News reporter, around 3 in the morning, the rescue team through precision measurements, the forecast is still a distance of nine meters from the bottom. Because the bottom humidity is big, still can not find traces of the boy. Blue sky rescue team captain Pang Zhi comfort Ochii Odousoshi’s family, said it would be a group of 16 mining. Subsequently, mining.相关的主题文章: