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.puters-and-Technology Google announced the zero day hole issues in middle of December last year. According to Google .puter repair experts the hacking attempt was originated in China where some hackers use the hole in IE to steal the information about human activists. They tried to steal the information by breaking in to the Gmail accounts. Using the IE flaw they set to install a Trojan horse so that they can get full remote control of the hacked PC. Inter Explorer 6 was found to be the target of this hole but IE7, IE 8 are also likely to be affected by this hole. Microsoft .puter repair experts suggest that probably the Data Execution Protection in Internet 8 and the Protected Mode for Internet 7 has resisted the attackers to hack these systems. In response to this critical hacking attempt, Microsoft has released a fix besides its monthly patch programs. The new fix is equipped with fixing not only the zero day but other critical security issues. The new security patch will attack if any malicious web page or ad banner is seen on the screen. The update MS10-002 is made for working on all the systems and operating systems. It will support working on IE 5 on Windows 2000 to IE 8 on Windows 7. .puter repair experts suggest that you should better update the Windows to ensure the new patches. If you are still using IE 6 this security threat will force you to update the new patches but it is almost certain that other security holes can be found on later time on IE. Some .puter repair experts suggest that if you have to use IE 6 to run some old programs that are bound to run on IE6 only, it is better that you run that particular program on IE6 and use another web browser like Firefox for your other daily browsing experience. Microsofts latest monthly patch included only one patch for Windows 2000. Without having the update of MS01-001 your .puter if running with Windows 2000 can be vulnerable to be taken over by a hacker attempt. So if you are having Windows 2000, you must update the latest patch suggested the .puter repair experts. Adobe fixes the zero day problem by releasing a newer version with shoring up the security hole. The problem of malicious pdf files that were being used to take remote control over any PC has been amended. It was suggested that everybody should ensure that they have the updated Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.3 update. Firefox also released a newer version of 3.6. The new version is that very different from the older version of 3.5 but it has added some features. One of them is that when you have the new version it will automatically check for any old plug-ins that can proved to be the greatest security threat. But the new version 3.6 wont be automatically upgrading itself to your system. You will need to go to Check for Update option and will need to click on the option new version. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: