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Sales Watching those workers construct those tall bridges are amazing with the way that they just walk around like it is nothing along them catwalks and right on the edges of the cabled areas and most of them hundreds upon hundreds of feet in the air and so many are not attached to anything at all that can keep them safe from falling or having things fall on them. It is like back in the older days when they would build them giant skyscrapers and the guys would walk along those metal beams fifty to a hundred stories high and then just sit down on the edge of one and start eating their lunch like they were on a curb along the street side and none of them having any fall protection gear anywhere on the bodies except a safety helmet; well that would really do someone a lot of good if they were to fall from that height don’t you think. Many of the businesses now days at least try to give the employees as much safety protection that they can, they have be.e more aware of the amount of employees either injured or even the staggering numbers of fatalities involved in construction along; it has be.e less traumatic all the way around by offering or demanding specific safety regulations with numerous items such as a rail guard, safety harnesses and other items to protect their very lives. with our fearless workers walking around these bridges must have nine lives just as our little kitties do, and for some reason they never seem to fall with amazement and piece by piece it larger and larger with each cable strapping from one to the other until suddenly it takes .plete formation and low and behold it even looks like a bridge. Then within a very short time cars are just streaming across it as if it were always there and paying that toll each and every time that they pass to help in its maintenance year after year and the Golden Gate is a good example for this very thing. From end they start painting it safeguarding the glow and shine from the weather and the salty air, but they are continuously painting this bridge and it takes a year to .plete the painting, and when they get to the other end it is time to start it again; and they truly restart it again and that is why that they are constantly painting it for us to enjoy this wonderful sight in our city. With many of these things in mind we have to make sure that our .panies take good care of us and our family’s safe and keeping them in their lives for a very long time for many years to .e; and when businesses abide by the OHSA regulations which is very important in the construction of all buildings whether it is a bridge or a newly formed building and high rise or skyscraper in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: