Protect Your Enterprise Data With Ibm Optim Data Privacy


.puters-and-Technology Most organizations today are trying hard to balance between .municating and collaborating with partners, customers etc., and protecting sensitive or confidential data. Data protection is no longer a matter of strategic choice. It is a regulatory requirement, and every organization has to take definite measures to safeguard data. While on one side regulatory requirements make data privacy and protection mandatory, on the other a growing number of cyber-crimes, organized hacking attacks, and data breach incidents make safeguarding data an absolute necessity today. However, protecting data or safeguarding the privacy of sensitive data is not as easy as it may sound. Often, organizations adopt .plex and expensive means to protect data only to find that they are ineffective and have drastically failed in their purpose. Moreover, with stringent rules and strict legal action governing data protection, negligence of best practices surrounding data privacy is a huge risk. So what organizations need today is a cost-effective, efficient, and .prehensive data privacy solution that can safeguard data stored in multiple systems and databases across the enterprise. Organizations need to adopt a policy-driven masking approach that can proactively protect data, ensure its privacy, and support even the most .plex .pliance needs concerning data privacy and protection. IBM Optim Data Privacy solution is designed to do just that. It brings in flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to data masking by helping enterprises to: Understand where sensitive data resides Mask big data environments, databases, and warehouses Mask data on demand in the cloud, and in applications or reports to support real-time decision-making Safeguard data in both production and non-production environments Some unique characteristics of IBM Optim Data Privacy solution that make it the most ideal choice for an organizations data privacy and protection needs are: Customizability and configurable for use in multiple contexts Capability to ensure consistent and standardized data masking across the organization Support for both static and dynamic masking i.e. masking of data at the source as well as at the various points of interaction and ability to mask data across heterogeneous data sources and platforms. For example, Optim data management protects data no matter if the information is recent or retired, while still allowing access to original data. With digitization of data and growing use of mobile devices in business, the privacy of data is a huge concern. Hence a .prehensive data privacy solution like IBM Optim is of utmost importance in todays context. Only such a solution can effectively curb threats, protect data, and prevent data breaches of any nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: