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Religion Below we will discuss the qualities of true leaders that are derived from the teachings and practices of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his .panions. Sincerity "Sincerity Is The Fruit Of Iman". A person with true faith will have sincerity towards Allah and all his actions will be for the sake of Almighty Lord. A real leader will do anything sincerely for his goal and his people while disregarding his own personal needs. Lack of Iman brings many diseases in a person such as half heartedness at a job, selfishness, greed, lack of .munication, & dictatorial attitude. All of these stem from arrogance which is blindness from Allah. Consideration Allah SWT Has Created Every Human Differently With A Unique Set Of Qualities. A leader respects everyones qualities and limitations. He Cannot Push People The Way He Wants! .panions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW were unique and had individual qualities that were nurtured by Prophet Muhammad SAW who assigned them tasks based on their respective abilities. This takes humility on the part of the leader because if he is arrogant, he would want to formulate people a certain way which may break the followers heart and soul along with wasting his own energy and time; and at the end will not bear any fruits. Personal Accountability "A Leader Has Real Love For His People". The love for the People stems from mercy and a sense of responsibility. He leads with love and makes the followers obey him with pleasure, not with fear. The true sincerity requires the leader to have constant internal reflection to the point if the followers act up, instead of blaming and punishing them. Consultation "Leadership is consultation". Prophet Muhammad SAW always consulted people around him. The purpose of consultation is to unite the hearts which brings down the mercy of Allah. Once Muslims were ready to encamp while traveling and Prophet Muhammad SAW decided to camp at a certain location; His .panions asked him if this decision was based on wahee (revelation) or it was his own idea. When he notified them that it was his own idea they disagreed with it and suggested another location based on their knowledge of the locality. Prophet Muhammad SAW immediately abandoned his original proposal and followed theirs. Prophet Muhammad SAW didn’t get offended or thought his .panion disagreement a disrespectful act. Again, we go back to sincerity. The purpose of leading and following is to get the job done in the best possible way. Once The Leader Opens Up The Door Of Consultation, He In Reality Empowers Everyone Under His .mand Which Develops A Sense Of Camaraderie And Equal Responsibility And Thus Produces Best Results. On the other hand, a leader who bosses everyone around instead of consulting them develops hatred and enmity for himself in the hearts of his followers. Prophet Muhammad SAW said The Worst Imam Is One Who Leads The Salah [prayer] And People Hate Him! The real wisdom of consultation is to .e up with the best possible advice and solution for the goal. When everyone brings in their advice and discusses it, it not only opens up hearts and minds; it allows a discussion to take place which generates the best possible out.e. All successful major .panies follow this technique where there are team or unit meetings and managers take everyones opinion before making a final decision. This not only gives the follower a feeling of ownership of the project, it also produces love and respect for the leader. Unity Leader unites the heart and thinking towards him by this way when people meet, all hearts are united. Allah unites the heart of the followers to the leader when the leader is sincere. If a leader is kind and knows what his followers might need or want at any given time, he not only wins their hearts, he also wins their loyalty and time. But this, like anything else requires wisdom. If one dumps his goodness on wrong people, of course they will take advantage of it and it will not bear fruits. Stability A Leader Has To Be Stable. A leader has to have stable Iman (faith), temper, personality, goal, and vision. He cannot be one way today and act differently tomorrow. It will cause confusion among the followers and will remove his respect from their hearts. Even if the followers are unstable and in a state of chaos and confusion but the leader are calm. This calmness will radiate and affect others. Moodiness and enflamed temper is a sign of defeated person who does not know how to deal with the situation. If this is the attitude of the leader, then he has already failed in his task. How a leader stabilizes his followers depends on his personality, time, situation, place, and the kind of people he is leading. The key ingredients that are bound to grant him success in this endeavor are kindness, consideration, generosity, humbleness, involving people in decision making process, sharing the profits or success with the entire group. Basically these are the qualities of a true believer in Allah [swt]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: