Pingdingshan 8 year old girl lost thousands of users of WeChat search 22 hours relay stand by me shinee


Pingdingshan 8 year old girl lost thousands of users of WeChat search, relay 22 hours in October 22nd 23, many citizens of Pingdingshan WeChat circle of friends is a missing person shuabing. Posted missing person is Baofeng county an anxious mother, her 8 year old daughter at 22 PM in Baofeng County lost, but anxious in the news I hope someone can provide clues. Finally, after thousands of enthusiastic netizens attention and constantly forwarded the message, lost 22 hours of the child finally safe home. – Oriental Daily News reporter Wang Junsheng Li Haifeng · mammoth Ventura the circle of friends for help: 8 year old girl bakery lost October 22nd 4 pm, a bakery in Baofeng County in Pingdingshan City, has been busy Uncle Wang to take care of business suddenly found that 8 year old granddaughter Wang Yu Nobel disappeared. At first, the king uncle that the child is out to play, but in the vicinity of a few laps, did not find the granddaughter of the figure, someone said: about an hour ago to see the child out. Small Nobel’s father was in the hospital in Pingdingshan City, the mother to accompany, are not at home. Can not find the granddaughter of the king uncle a tight heart, worried about what accident, hastened to call his daughter-in-law. Little promise mother Zhang received a phone call, and then the child’s aunt back to Baofeng. The sky is getting dark, the child is still missing. Ms. Zhang had to seek help from friends and family to continue to look for, and in a friend’s proposal, the child’s photos and lost information sent to the circle of friends, I hope more people to help pay attention to. The thousands of micro letters relay: let the lost child home "my daughter is 4 pm from Renmin Road (Baofeng county) ocean food shop, lost! If you see the speed and contact me. Telephone × × × × × × thank you……" The news on October 22nd at 5 pm, released in the circle of friends of Ms. Zhang, attached to the reputation of more than one hundred photos and Ms. Zhang phone number. While Ms. Zhang search after the message is sent, a relay of love begins. First, Ms. Zhang circle of friends in nearly 200 friends have been involved in forwarding, many people call a special inquiry. That the child has not been found, a lot of Baofeng local friends to go out looking for. Because the friends of the forwarding, the message is constantly spreading. Pingdingshan city and surrounding counties, as well as Luohe, Xuchang and other foreign friends have called and confirmed the news is true, have also forwarded the message, since some media also began to follow up. According to Ms. Zhang said that as of October 23rd 12 am, concerned about the matter has been spread all over the city, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, including the city, only a direct call to the user on more than 200. Ms. Zhang is a friend working in the telecommunications sector said, according to the circle of friends of radiation range, directly or indirectly involved in the number of at least thousands of people. The good news: 22 hours after the children are good people to take home a good night in October 23rd 14, after a 22 hour in tracing message, Ms. Zhang circle of friends to update the message: Thank you for all the good people care for children. Children。相关的主题文章: